Sunday, February 12, 2012

All American Sleaze . . .

When the Shit Movie Fest Parties first started there really wasn't any rhyme or reason to them. It was pretty much a free-for-all; what ever Bad Movies we could think up that people would enjoy watching and drink some beers to, but we also had to make sure they wouldn't want to punch us in the face by the time the night was over! It wasn't until Last Year (1/22/11 to be exact) that we hosted the first SMF that had an actual theme! Before there was "SpaderFest" , "A Night Of Tom Atkins" or even the ever so popular "Mystery Shit-MovieFest", There was . . .

"All American Sleaze" was a collection of the all around Sleaziest Movies ever put on celluloid. We picked 4 movies made between the Late 70s and Early 80s and each did their job at making everyone feel extra dirty by the end of the night! The choices were "Vice Squad", Hardcore", "Fight For Your Life", and "The Exterminator". Chris Gormley went ahead and made poster for the first 3 movies.Something him and his fiancé Christine have been doing ever since . . .

There has been many SMF Parties since, but "All American Sleaze" is really the one I attribute to getting the ball rolling and making these parties more into a Monthly Event. Something that I look forward to planing and being part of! On March 4, 2012 were are going ahead with a second instalment being dubbed "All American Sleaze Vol. 2" and we plan to dig even Deeper Into The Cesspool Of American Sleaze this time around . . .

So as of right now the line up is still being determined. The only movie so far that I am dead set on playing on that day is "Savage Streets" staring Linda Blair!

So please feel free to recommend or offer up your opinions on what we should feature in the comments section or on the SMF FaceBook Page! I'm looking for some gritty Grindhouse Sleaze or something you remember leaving a bad taste in your mouth back in the day!
And if I know you and you're interested in stopping by on the 4th, shoot me a text or message via Facebook and I'll add you to the Invite List :)

-Tom Bryce


  1. I'd recommend checking out The Candy Snatchers if you haven't already. Pretty sleazy, and not as soul-destroying as Fight for Your Life.

  2. Nice pick Eric, I have that but haven't watched it in a few years. I'll put it in the maybe category :)