Saturday, February 4, 2012

The 10 Best Sports Related Deaths In Movie History!

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday (aka the most watched sporting event in America) I compiled a list of the 10 Best Sports Related Deaths and Kills In Movie History! Now this may be a very loose interpretation of what counts as a sports related kill, but for a scene to have made the cut I narrowed it down to these two requirements:

1) It takes place at a sporting event.
2) It involves sports equipment in the death

OK, on 3 break. 1 - 2 - 3 BREAK!

010: Not Another Teen Movie / Marty's Game Winning Death!

In an funny spoof of 1986's "Lucas" staring Corey Haim, "Marty" gets his big moment to shine by catching the game winning Touchdown  . . . Only problem is he gets ripped in half as a result.

009: Arachnophobia / Spider in the Helmet 

Todd Miller's death is attributed to a football injury, guess nobody saw that Spider go into his helmet. Watch the video from 3:28 on, unless you want to see a bunch a guys in their underwear!

008: Friday The 13th (Remake) / Jason Uses A Bow & Arrow

Man, Jason has great aim. Headshot!

007: Graduation Day / Every Single Kill!

From the mattress bed of spikes to the football arrow, every kill in this movie is a WINNER!

006: Friday The 13th 6 / Jason's Paint Ball Kill Spree

Jason makes another appearance on the list. This time annihilating an entire paintball squad!

005: Final Destination 5 / Candice's Gymnastics Death

This whole scene had me on the edge of my seat and the payoff is huge. Someone call 911, lol.

004: Rocky 4 / Apollo Creed vs Ivan Drago (Death by Steroids injected Russian Boxing Gloves)

This death is responsible for one of my all time favorite movie lines, "If he dies, he dies."

003: Naked Gun / Baseball Bloopers Montage

One the funniest scenes ever. The tiger on the field gets me every time!

002: The Last Boy Scout / Billy Cole Makes It Into The Endzone!

I'll never forget the first time I saw The Last Boy Scout, an amazing scene and powerful acting by Billy "Tae Bo" Blanks.

001: Deadly Friend / Ma Fratelli get a Basketball tossed at her head!

How can this NOT be #1? One of the greatest horror movie kills ever. It's too bad the rest of the movie is shit.

Extra Points:

The Sawyer Family Vs. A Entire Football Team in the Texas Chainsaw Massace 2 
Since it was a Deleted Scene it's only a Extra Point, but it leaves the question how was this cut from the movie?!?

Escape From L.A.
Snake Plissken Knows How To Shoot A Basket!

And one more Boxing Related Death! 
Killer Klowns From Outer Space's "Knock My Block Off" Scene . . .

Well, I hope everybody enjoys the Big Game tomorrow and please be safe :)

 - Tom Bryce


  1. I NEED TO SEE 'DEADLY FRIEND'!! Do you own it????

  2. I think I have it on VHS somewhere, let me get back to you. If not maybe I can order it from Netflix and we can watch it Saturday.

  3. This list rocked! I couldn't agree anymore with the Deadly Friend death! Also love the Escape From LA basketball shot hahahaha.

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