Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SMF Presents: Director's Royale

As many of you guys know every month here in Philly my good friends and I get together to do a movie party which has been dubbed Shit Movie Fest (hence the name of this blog lol)

Our next Event is later in the month and it's going to be a "Director's Royale"!

This is the first show I didn't have a hand in picking any of the featured movies. Even better I've never actually seen any of the them either! K.G, a regular at the Shit Movie Fest parties has programed a killer line up for Jan. 22nd! I can't tell you how excited I am to just show up that day and broaden my film watching horizons. Here's more on what Director's Royale is all about in K.G.'s own words . . . 

After much deliberation the Line Up is finally finished. Let the epic battle begin.

In this corner we have the late great Ken Russell, through his films he has truly proven himself to be a hell spawn. Calling on the power of the dark lord he hopes to reign supreme.

Gothic, a sorted tale of the night Frankenstein was conceived by Mary Shelly. 

Lizstomania, Starring Robert Daultry of Who fame, Lizstomania follows a young composer who follows the religion of Music but falls to Christanity and thus ensues a rock battle with the devil.

Our first contender, Robert Downey Sr., yes some of you may know his son Iron Man but Sr. was the one who taught him everything he knows about freebasing. This blaxsplotation master is a welcome opponent to Ken Russell.

Greaser's Palace, This is a sprawling, drug-addled parable about the life of Christ that would make Mel Gibson shit his pants. King Herod is a constipated hillbilly, Jesus is a big-suited song and dance man, Martin Luther is a card-trick playing hack magician, Lazarus is a pudgy gay man, and Toni "Oh Mickey, you're so fine" Basil is a topless Indian lass. 

Pound, humans play a cageful of wayward dogs awaiting execution at the city animal shelter, including a punch-drunk boxer (Stan Gottlieb, complete with robe and gloves), an aged, snooty Pekingese (Lucille Rogers), a bald, crazy Mexican hairless (Lawrence Wolf)—and a cameo by Robert Downey Jr. as a lost puppy."

And last but not least we have Mark and John Polonia, better known as the Polonia Bros. Coming all the way from the Keystone state they are here to razzle and dazzle you with their vhs handycam. From the in camera edits to the blazing sound effects, these two are a forced to be reckoned with. 

Peter Rottentail, a tale of a magician who promises his soul to the devil. A short time later he passes and comes back as a demon known as Peter Rottentail. I will leave it at that.

SplatterFarm, tells the tale of two brothers who go to visit their Aunt Lacie, sounds nice huh, that is untill they encounter Jeremy the grandmother's hired help. Many terrible things ensue.

Thats all we have for tonight folks, come out on the 22nd and see who will be named as the SMF's Bad Ass Movie Director.. 


  1. The only other time someone else programmed the line up was Johnny Zito's "Pinky Violence Night" and that was amazing and strange. I think this will be even weirder.
    I own Ken Russell's Director's Cut of "Devils". I'll do a review for it.

  2. I still to get around to getting a copy of "School of the Holy Beast", that movie was so good.