Friday, January 27, 2012

Savage Mondo Blitzers

Today I'm doing a little spotlight on "Savage Mondo Blitzers", one of my favorite toy lines from the early 90's that didn't get much Love. They were made by the Kenner Toy Company in 1991 and only 48 different figures were made during it's one year run. The best way to describe a Savage Mondo Blitzer is that they were part (Non)Action Figure/part Skate Board standing at just about 1.5 inches tall. A Total of 40 Biltzers were released in Ten Separate 4 Packs, with a pack representing a different Gang. I had 6 of 10 gangs as a kid, which I still have and will share below. Plus I was able to find some pictures of the gangs I didn't own and also the box Crazy 8 set that came with a 'Lightning Launcher'. But before we begin, let's take a look at without a doubt one of the zaniness toy commercials from the 80s and 90s!

And of course like any cool toy from that time period, there was a "BackLash"!
A huge BackLash with over 20 complaints mind you.
 Below is a article from a 1992 newspaper . . .

New line of kids' toys grosses out some teachers
A new line of toys with names such as Puke Shooter, Butt Kickers, Projectile Vomit and Chunk Blower has found a place in the schoolyard, but the alien creatures on wheels have a group of teachers up in arms.
"They're not just selling a toy, they're selling an attitude," said Margaret Secker, a music teacher who with colleagues at Mann Elementary School in suburban Loveland near Cincinnati is protesting Kenner Products' new "Savage Mondo Blitzers" line of toy figures.
"I think it's outrageous. Everyone in America should be on the picket line."
Lighten up, says Kenner.
"These aren't human figures. We're not trying to influence kids to be violent," said Krickett Neumann, manager of public relations and promotion services for Cincinnati-based Kenner. "These are alien, fantasy characters -- just crazy, wacky figures on wheels."
She said the toys, which do not do what their names suggest, had generated about 20 complaints, most from Loveland teachers.
Kenner, owned by toy giant Hasbro Inc., previewed the series of 48 action figures recently at the American International Toy Fair in New York, following test marketing in Indianapolis.
Each 1 1/2-inch tall Savage Mondo Blitzer figure is part of a four-pack selling for $4.99.
The Butt Kickers include a character named Snot Shot; Gas Attack is a Puke Shooter; Eye Pus belongs to Scars and Spikes; and Loaded Diaper is among the Chunk Blowers.
National ads for Savage Mondo Blitzers began this week. Neumann would not provide specific sales figures.
Neumann said the character names are "on the cutting edge."
"But I don't think they were chosen for shock value. We're disappointed they're taking them the way they are," she said. "We like to think we have our finger on the pulse of what kids like."
- Associated Press

Ok, with that nonsense out of the way here are the six S.M.B. gangs I had from childhood and still cherish to this day . . .

I'll start off with my favorite gang, The Skull Crunchers  
The Skull Crunchers: Roach Kill, Fat Ax, Bad to the Bone, Pork Chopper

Concrete Breakfast Gang: Metal Head, Shark Bait, Knight to Dismember, and Barf Bucket

Scars and Spikes Gang: Kiss My Bat, Aping Wound, Lug Nut, Eye Pus

The Dudes of Disaster: Bad Fart, Blade Invader, Killer Kommando, Twin Geeks

The Chunk Blowers: Tyrannosaurus Ax, Loaded Diaper, Direct Hit, Big Hans

The Butt Kickers: Snot Shot, Secret Weapon, Gun Runner, Cleat Meat

Here are some pics of the Gangs I wasn't fortunate enough to have . . .

The Sewer Surfers: Numb Chuck, Robozooka, Bad Audience, Butterfly Gone Bad

Butterfly Gone Bad!

Damaged and Deadly Gang: Blood Hockey, Mr. Mutator Head, Chop Chop, Head Alert

I couldn't find any good pictures of Brains Not Included (Wedgyson, Fly'd Out, Gutter Brawl, Salad Bartender) or Puke Shooters Gang (Hex Bolt, Gas Attack, Leg Up, Bad Apple) but you can spot them on the back of this card if you look close enough . . .

Now here is the rarest set of the entire collection, by the time this came out the toys were being taken off the market . . . I bring you the "Crazy 8" Gang that came with awesome 'Lightning Launcher'!
Crazy 8Destruction Worker, Lawn Disorder, Chow Hound, General Mayhem, Armed & Dangerous, Fist Fight, Shishke Bob, and Jack Hammer.

So that's about all the info and pics I could find on these truly unique toys. It's ashame that this toyline was so short lived. Who knows what other cool ideas could have came out of this. Maybe a team up with NewLine to get a Freddy or Jason one released? The possibilities are endless!
Well Hope You Enjoyed Another Trip Down Random Shit Memory Lane . . .

Update . . .
After doing this post a couple weeks ago I hit Ebay to see if I could score any of the S.M.B. I didn't own for the the cheap, I lucked out and found this set of 8 Unopened Gangs for A Good Price! I actually paid more for the S&H!

I'm so tempted to open these lol

- Tom Bryce


  1. "Everyone in America should be on the picket line."
    Those bitches needed to get laid.

  2. Dude...I have the first gang you showed...the Skull Crunchers!

    I couldn't remember what these toys were called.

    What a blessing.

    Good article!

    1. Thanks, some day I hope to have a complete set of these :)

  3. I loved these things as a kid. I had:
    >The Skull Crunchers
    >The Concrete Breakfast Gang
    >The Dudes of Disaster
    >The Butt Kickers
    >The Sewer Surfers
    >The Damaged and Deadly Gang

  4. I have alot of greek couloured and also the 8 figoures never released in America

  5. can you pl contact me? I also have some questions

  6. Woohoo! Congrats on the score. These are so great. I've got a batch too. Love that baby.

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