Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Post about POGS . . . Yes THOSE Pogs!

If you grew up in the 90's like myself there's no way you will ever forget those stupid things called "Pogs"! Between collecting and trading them with my fellow classmates I must have wasted about a $100 or more of my allowance on this stupid fad. I've been doing some house cleaning the last few days and came across these 6 tubes filled with them!

So I decided to scan the pogs inside for what's sure to be the first of some random nostalgia shit posts here on the blog, I'm thinking of calling these features "A Trip Down Shit Memory Lane"!

Power Rangers, Batman, Judge Dredd, Spawn, and Wade Boggs all had their own POGS!

Complete Set of The Simpsons Pogs

A group of Universal Monsters Pogs


Who says Pogs can't be educational? I may be the only dork on Earth that owns these!

So those were the best of the bunch, the rest were crap I must have gotten at the dollar store cause they were ugly with shitty art on them. Oh and speaking of Dollars Stores, oddly enough some stores still sell Pogs cause I saw these Air Jordan ones a few months ago in DELCO!

Hope You Enjoyed This Trip Down Random Memory Lane . . .

- Tom Bryce


  1. I don't know if mine are back home but I had some Killer Instinct and Zelda pogs. Also, I had some Slammers that were jelly, and some others that were massive (a peace sign one too). Heh.

  2. My worst childhood memory involved pogs. I had a prized slammer that was beautifully detailed and quite heavy. It was one of those poison ones that you used when sh*t got real. Well one day on the bus, this girl asked if she could see it. Not thinking anything of it, I let her hold it in her hand. The next thing I knew, she was sprinting off the bus and out of my life, slammer in hand. I never saw that girl or the slammer again.

  3. Man, I hated those things but couldn't help buying them when every single friend I had was playing. I have no idea what ever happened to mine, but I do remember having an OJ Simpson guilty/not guilty slammer. What a stupid waste of time and money.

  4. I LOVE those pres pogs! You nned to send me a high res scan of those.

  5. No problem Christine, I will bring that set over next time I'm at your house.

    Anthony I remember that the O.J. pogs!

    Sam that's horrible, I have a few slammers. Just one poison the others were Sports related.