Friday, January 27, 2012

Now Class Let's All Point and Laugh at 12 Year Old Me . . .

Back in 1994 when I was in the 7th grade my English teacher insisted we keep a journal for her class. She would write a question on the chalkboard each day and have us answer them in your journal or have us write a short story related to a random topic she thought up. Most of the time I would just end up drawing stupid shit in mine and not bother with her questions. Today I found said journal in a stack of books and knew that I had to share some of this shit with you. Not only was '12 year old me' a fashion victim of epic proportions (as seen in the picture below), but man I was a few cards short of a full deck!

Short Shorts and a Randy Savage Shirt. "Ooooohhhh yeah, dig it?"

So here are some of the highlights from the mind of 12 year old me scanned for your pleasure in another edition of what I like to call "A Trip Down Shit Memory Lane"!

The Front Cover (under contact paper!) featuring the top stars of the WWF at the time.
Hogan, Lex, HBK, UnderTaker, . . . The Natural Disasters?

^ Cool Story Bro!

Damn, my whole life was ahead of me back then! Oh well, lol

Maybe the worse drawing of the "Puppet Master" Puppets ever?
Are you still hiring Charles Band?

SpeedBud died in 2011, so for the record I don't wish to trade place with him. At least not anymore!

So here's a short story about Socks . . . Yes socks!

'Do the Crime, Do The Time'  . . . And my awful drawing of jail!

Just try to many any sense of this story . . . I dare you!

WOW, just wow . . .

Fuck those dirty greasers . . . SOC 4 life!

Go Toxie Go! BTW what's a "Nigea"?

That's all for now, there's actually a whole book of this shit but I'll spare you everything, lol.

-Tom Bryce 


  1. Brilliantly creative even back then.

  2. You seemed like a pretty cool kid. I had a Macho Man shirt too. He was my favorite wrestler. We probably would have hung out back in the day.

    I knew a kid in 5th grade named Ryland who nobody liked. He wasn't an asshole or anything, just supremely unpopular for being and looking weird I guess. I didn't look weird back then (do now), but I was in fact one weird kid, so fuck it, I'd hang out with him at school. He used to write, draw and color his own Freddy comics. This kid was seriously obsessed with Freddy. And for a kid in 5th grade they were pretty damn good comics. Very stylish and detailed and bloody. We both were artists. I still wonder whatever happened to that kid.

  3. Thanks Autumn, I can't tell how much I laughed this morning while turning the pages of that book.

    Erik I always wondered where people ended up also, I was able to keep in touch with people when myspace was around but have since lost touch.

  4. Great...Band's gonna see that and we'll be stuck with another Puppet Master movie - I hope you're happy.

    - Aaron

  5. Aaron, there's a new one in the works . . . Here is one of the new Puppets

  6. I would definitely get a tattoo of the Puppetmaster drawings around your wrist. Bad ass!

  7. "Feb is a special time of shadow hearts and people of all races."
    That is some trippy, hippy shit.

  8. Great read... my only criticism is that this post should have been titled "Diary of A Madman".

  9. And WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED on September 20th 1994? Green and yellow smoke came billowing out of the Sunoco Refinery? South West Philly really is Tromaville.

  10. Thanks for all the feedback, I'll post some more of my cartoons/art from the book soon in another post.

    Chris not sure, I do remember that day after looking back at the page but don't think we ever found out.