Monday, January 30, 2012

My 25 Favorite Fango Covers

Long before there were horror websites and blogs, the #1 source of news for us like-minded horror junkies was (mostly) magazines and in it's heyday nobody did it better than FANGORIA!

My pile of Fangoria :)

I began my love affair with Fangoria back in the early 90s. The barbershop I used to get my hair cut at always had them lying around along with copies of Rolling Stone, National Geographic, and Playboy. I remember so many issues of Fango from that time period. Whenever it wasn't featuring whatever god awful Stephen King movie that was soon to come out (Post "It"/Pre Shawshank) Fangoria would have so much gold in their issues!

Fangoria was my first exposure to many of the movies I still cherish to this day! Thanks to Fango I always knew when a new Puppet Master movie was in the works, knew to beg my friend's Dad to take us to see "Tales from the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight", and developed my first horror nerd crush, Mindy Clark (courtesy of her appearing as her "Return of the Living Dead 3" character Julie Walker on a cover!) Also, I would always take note of The Video Eye of Dr. Cyclops' movie recommendations for my next trip to the video store. I just wished my family was rich enough to own a laserdisc player, but I learned to familiarize myself with names like Savini, Romero, Argento, and Fulci!

It wasn't until about 1997 when I finally had a little of my own spending money (thanks to a dangerous paper route) that I was able to afford buying the magazine myself. I remember my very first issue had the underrated sci-fi classic Starship Troopers as the cover story. I bought issues here and there for the next year, but it wasn't till issue #171, with the teaser of George Romero possibility directing a "Resident Evil" movie, that I haven't missed a single issue.

That was almost 14 Years Ago! In those years I have also managed to track down some of my favorite issues from my childhood and pick up ones that were way before my time at Horror Conventions (or off of Ebay). Fangoria has been losing a lot of steam in recent years with the stiff competition on the news stands coming from what me and many others consider to be better magazines, "Rue Morgue" and "HorrorHound".  Also, they have to compete with the 1000s of horror related websites out there. I sadly won't be surprised to hear the news of Fangoria's demise in the next few years. It has already happened to countless wrestling and video game mags that I used to read in my teens. Print has gone the way of the Dinosaurs! There is always hope; in the last year Fangoria has been focusing more on interviews with legendary horror icons and classic film retrospectives and less on direct to video crap and 'tween shit.

Since I have been in 'Nostalgic Mood' lately (hence this post) I decided to look back on my collection and post picks of the '25 Best Fangoria Covers'.  All of these have been scanned from my private collection. If I don't own the issue I won't include the cover. Covers such as Jack from the Shining or American Werewolf in London would have no doubt cracked my top ten list if I owned them.

Anywho, I hope you dig it and please leave comments here or on the SMF FaceBook page with some of your favorite issues and covers. Depending on the response I may do a 'Worst of' or maybe the 'Best of Rue Morgue Covers' in the future. For now here are my favorites Fangos:

025: Issue #77 Nightmare On Elm Street 4 
Great Freddy Cover, with the best kill from the Blob Remake and Elvira's Awesome Rack on the Lefthand Side!

024: Issue #257 Feast
Look at that face, how can you not want to see this movie?

023: Issue #105 Body Parts
Only recently picked up this issue at a Horror Con, reason being because I love this movie!

022:  Issue #102 Dolly Dearest 
Just a cover I like because it makes you say hey "I love Chucky, so who's this Bitch?"

021: Issue #247 The Fog (Remake)
What a great looking cover for one of the worse movies I ever seen!

020: Issue #224 Cabin Fever
I love Fango best when it showcases Gore and this cover of Eli Roth's first hit is greatness!

019: Issue #231 Hellboy
A fine look at everybody's favorite Boy From Hell . . .

018: Issue #245 The Devil's Rejects
Now that's some BadAss Rejects 

017: Issue # Black Swan
Yes it's pretty much just the main poster art, but it's still so striking you can't help but to want to know more!

016: Issue # Nightmare 3
Freddy, Savi, and House! What more can you ask for?

015: Issue # Evil Dead 2
Classic Cover for one of Best Horror Films Ever!

014: Issue #271 DoomsDay
I only thought the movie "Doomsday" was so-so, but that's one hell of a Gruesome cover!

013: Issue #227 Kill Bill 
A Crazy 88 on the cover of Fango, Pretty Sweet!

012: Issue #279 The Unborn
Never actually seen this movie, but that doesn't make the cover any less awesome.

011: Issue #26 The Hunger
One the most Underrated Vampire Movies got it's due in this old school issue.

010: Issue #261 GrindHouse
It's covers like this that made me stick with Fango after all these years!

009: Issue # Phantasm 2

008: Issue #238 Seed of Chucky
Even Chucky's a fan of Fangoria!

007: Issue #171 George Romero / Resident Evil
The Issue made start to shell out my own money!

006: Issue #174 The Beyond
If the Small Soldiers Picture wasn't on the side this may have been #1 on my list!

005: Issue #127 Return of the Living Dead 3
One of the first issues I remember reading, I got this signed by Mindy last year!

004: Issue #1 Godzilla
The one that started it all, got this back in the 90s for $20 in Mint Condition!

003: Issue #95 Total Recall
Get Your Ass To Mars! 

002: Issue # Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Nancy and Freddy
Dream Warriors is my Favorite Slasher Film and I consider this photo to be so Iconic. When I meet Heather for the first time I needed to get this badboy signed!

001: Issue #9 Motel Hell
This was always the issue I always wanted to own and finally got my hands on it at Chiller this past October! 

Well there it is, my Top 25. There are still a lot of back issues I am looking for. Hopefully I will come across them at Monster Mania in March :)

- Tom Bryce


  1. Acne Apocalypse is the greatest tagline EVER!
    The Total Recall and Beyond covers are my favorites out of these 25.

  2. Oh, man . . . does this bring back memories! I'm pretty sure I had most of these covers at one point. Along with Starlog, it was one of the few magazines I read religiously in high school.

  3. The 'Small Soldiers' comment made me laugh... talk about a way to ruin THE BEYOND!

  4. Glad you guys liked, I might pst the rest of the OldSchool Ones I own this weekend. I got say 20 more from the 80s and Early 90s.
    I also want to do a feature on just the advertisements inside!