Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jason vs. Leatherface (The 3 Part Comic Book)

In 1995 Topps Comics released a three-issue miniseries that featured a battle for the ages between Jason & Leatherface. It was a non-canonical crossover between both the Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchises, but plays so well the story could have made for an awesome fucking movie!

The series premise involves accidentally placing Jason Voorhees, the main antagonist of Friday the 13th, on a train headed for a dumping ground in Mexico when Crystal Lake is drained of radioactive waste by a company. Running amok on the train, Jason kills its crew and causes the vehicle to crash in Texas, where he meets and befriends Leatherface and his inbred family (consisting of Cook, Hitchhiker, Grandpa and several other original relatives, all of them dead). After he lives with the family for a day relations between them and Jason ultimately sour due to a series of misunderstandings, which results in Leatherface and Jason battling. In the end the Hitchhiker apparently kills Jason with a sledgehammer and the family dumps him in a nearby lake. But Jason rises several hours later and decides to begin trekking back "home" to Camp Crystal Lake, away from the place that encouraged dangerous thoughts like friendship!

There were many different comics I purchased back in the day, but nothing ever beat this crossover. Watching Jason interact and kill with the Sawyer family is fucking hilarious. Its one of the best "Fish Out Of Water" stories I have ever read. I scanned the cover art from the 3 issues and some of my favorite panels.

Great Cover to Issue #1, even though neither Jason or Leatherface look like that inside

Issue #2 has Jason Sitting At The Head Of The Table
This is a very clever homage to the Norman Rockwell Painting "Freedom From Want". 

How Metal Is This Picture? Jason should start a band just so he can use this for the first Album's Cover Art!

Ok, Now On To The Pages Inside!
"Jason Has His Hate To Keep Him Warm"

Come on Jason couldn't you just have booted him or something, total Overkill!

Here you dropped something.

Incase you were wondering Jason isn't a total Tard, he does know how to spell his own name afterall!

This room must make Jason feel right at home, after all he kept his Mom's head in a shack for years!

I wouldn't take Leatherface for a fan of "Iron Man" or reading for that matter!

Sir you just done FUCKED UP!

After an Brutal Fight between Jason and the Sawyer Family Jason decides he's over being part of a family and takes "The Long Way Home" all the way back to Vermont. That's only about a 2000 Miles Walk, but that should be nothing for Jason since we all know he's the Fastest Man Alive . . . Or is that just when he's chasing some Big Titty Blonde in the Woods?

A full set of this Epic Encounter Runs Anywhere between $60 - 100 on EBAY, but if you see it for cheaper grab that shit cause this really is a must own for any Slasher Fan!

- Tom Bryce


  1. They really need to re-release this in a complete, graphic novel form. Also a full sized poster of the first cover.

  2. It more then likely falls under a rights issue at this point, but yeah this should be better known to the Horror Masses . . .

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