Monday, January 30, 2012

Looking Back at "The Gate & The Gate 2: The Trespassers"

I have been a fan of horror movies roughly my whole life. Today, I take a look back at one of the earliest films responsible for me falling in love with the genre . . . 1987's The Gate , and with a remake by Alex Winter still in the works I wanted to take a look back at the two original films.

The first Gate is one of those movies you would always find playing non-stop on cable TV back in the late 80s. The Gate wasn't really scary and since the movie was rated PG-13 my Mom really didn't give me shit for watching it, just as long as it didn't conflict with her seeing that day's The Young & The Restless or Sally Jessy Raphael. There are many memorable scenes throughout the movie and Stephen Dorff (Glen) and Louis Tripp (Terry) were very relatable. They were just like the kids in your neighborhood that you would get into stupid shit with. Now, granted there was no hole to Hell in my hood . . . but you get the point.

In the past ten years I have revisited the movie a few times and I still manage to love it. I know most of it hasn't aged well, but The Gate will always hold a special place in my heart. The scenes where Terry thinks he is dancing with his Mom (only to find out it is a dead dog) and the construction worker in the wall are my two favorite creepy parts in movie history.

Another thing that has always impressed me about the movie was the stop motion animation of the little Demons and Giant Demons at the end of the film. Sure there has been a million better looking monsters over the years, but this was all pretty cutting edge shit for the time it came out!

Demons and Fireworks . . . when you're 7 there really isn't anything cooler!

I didn't see the 1990 sequel until I was about 15 or so and I never really cared for it. Even though it was nice to see Terry once again (being even more awkward then before if that's even possible), but without Dorff in the film the whole thing just didn't feel right. All of the magic from the first movie was missing. I often wonder would I have felt the same thing about the first Gate if I had seen it during my cynical teen phase and not when I was 7. Just one of those things to ponder for sure.

Here are some posters and other miscellaneous pics from both movies. Please feel free to leave your input or feed back on these two movies in the comment section below :)

This was a clay model actually used in the movie that I found last fall at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire! How and why it got there remain a mystery, but I know I had to snap a pic of it as soon as it caught my eye!

The front and back covers of my Gate VHS tape. This thing has been through the ringer. I picked this tape up from my local Mom n' Pop Video Store whent they went under. It was only fitting since I rented it more times than any other customer!

Even though I was not a big fan of the sequel I still picked it up so it would alway be with it's VHS brother (God I'm a Dork!). The movie was released by "Moon Light Video" in their dying days.

An Old School Gate Poster, from the size of it I'm guessing it's from the UK

Poster by Phantom City Creative, from a recent Screening

Poster by Lil' Tuffy for an Alamo Drafthouse Screening

The Crappy Re-release DVD artwork, meh.

And finally, here is Fright Rags Gate Shirt that is sadly No Longer In Stock . . .
But you can change that by voting it out of the GraveYard right here. . .

Well hope you enjoyed my look back at The Gate, a movie that in many ways acted as a Gateway into my introduction of Horror!

- Tom Bryce 

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  1. A movie I'm proud to say is Canadian made :) I was also blown away by the stop-motion animation. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for this film.