Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday the 13th at the Colonial

Last night the SMF crew traveled to Phoenixville PA to the best movie theater in Pennsylvania to get our Jason Voorhees fix. The Colonial Theatre was screening Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood. I enjoyed the film much more than my previous viewing, which was back in college. At that time I just bemoaned how bloodless it was, but as a child Part 7 was always one of my favorites and last night the movie retook its rightful place at the top of the Friday the 13th franchise (well top 3). The set up of each murder was perfect. Especially the death of the character Maddy (who was in attendance). The mixture of suspense and immediacy worked brilliantly and within the first hour Kane Hodder put a stamp on the character Jason that no actor (before or since) has come close too.

But frankly the real star of the show was the Colonial Theatre itself. With its regal aesthetic and comfortable atmosphere the Colonial is the best example of a classic and forgotten building, The Bijou. It has the relaxed nature of an independent theater such as the Ritz or Landmark, but with the screen size of a AMC or Regal Cinema. The Colonial is an example of how movie theaters can still be relevant in the 21st Century. So here is a collection of photos from our night, before and after the show. A Jason film has never felt so classy.


The exterior of the Colonial: Normal, Black and White AND Grindhouse.

 The Theater: Kids, that top row is called a balcony. Can you say 'bal-con-ee'?

The Theater: The Q and A with "Maddy" right before the show

Ladies and gentleman Ms. Diana Barrows. Her character Maddy has the best stalk and kill of the entire film and arguably the franchise.

Hanging out after the show.

The end credits

The balcony lobby, all class.

The crowd after the show,

Stalking Tom from above.


Tom is so happy to be killed.

Well, that's everything. Shit Movie Fest had a great time at the event. I want to thank The Colonial Theatre, Nick Lombardo and his entire crew for putting it all together. Next time I want to buy Jason a beer.

The End


  1. Awesome review and record of the event. The photos are terrific!

  2. "The mixture of suspense and immediacy worked brilliantly and within the first hour Kane Hodder put a stamp on the character of Jason that no actor before or since has come close too."

    So true, still wished he gotten to be Jason in FvsJ! The guy then and know keeps the character alive by appearing at Horror Cons. I'm glad Adam Green picked him to bring life to Hatchet.

  3. Last year I attended a screening of Maniac with Bill Lustig in attendance.Your right,its a grand theater,and the balconey lobby is a great spot to relax b4 the show. They show a lot of great films,I wish I didnt live 2 hours away,or I would go more often,hope you guys checked out The Blob plaque in the balconey

  4. Hey Rocker the Maniac show was a blast, I posted a couple pics from that one here . . .