Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The ECW Arena (It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday)

This Saturday (1/14/2012) I have to say Goodbye to a place that has provided me with some of my favorite Wrestling memories of all time . . . The ECW Arena!

After this weekend new owners are taking over the building and they are putting a stop to all of Philly's Indy Wrestling Promotions from running any future shows there.
It's pretty stupid when you think about it because if it wasn't for wrestling and the fans that frequent the arena that place would have just been a back storage room for Forman Mills years ago!

I've been going to show at the ECW Arena since I was 11 years old and already got my ticket for the EVOLVE show that's going to close the Place out! I plan on posting here about that show and personal stories the Arena has provided me over the the years, but today I'm going to take you back to the very first show at the arena  that I ever went to! A show so long ago that the "E" in ECW didn't stand for "Extreme", when I first went to a show ECW was known as Eastern Championship Wrestling . . .

I present to you in its entirety the program from my very first ECW show November to Remember 1993 featuring the finest clip art images the early 90s had to offer!

^ King Kong Bundy was Funk's Mystery Partner incase you were wondering!

- Thomas Bryce


  1. When I lived in Philly, ECW was always a highlight of the week. They had a show or two a week running on the local station and it was so over the top. Great memories!

  2. Every Tuesday Night at 6PM on PhillySportsNet