Sunday, December 4, 2011

Treevenge (25 Days of Shitmas Day #4)

In between making the "Hobo with a Shotgun" Fake Trailer for the GrindHouse Movie in 2007 and the Rutger Hauer feature film a few years later director Jason Eisener made a nice wholesome Christmas short named "Treevenge".

^ Here's the Short "Treevenge" on Youtube in it's entirety.

With a runtime of just over 15 minutes Jason crams so much mayhem and sick carnage into this short that he out does most feature length gore films of the same nature. All the while finding the time to fit in a good story. "Treevenge" has been compared to early Sam Raimi and I think that's a very accurate description.
As you could probably guess from the film's title this is about the revenge of Trees and it deals with their suffering come the Christmas Season. Watching lumberjacks cut them down one by one is heartbreaking to witness and makes you pity them all the more as they are separated from their families and friends. I know it's really silly, but when you put things into perspective the Trees make a lot of sense and you can't help but root for them when they go all medieval on the people who bring them home from the christmas tree lot. Just because something is part of tradition doesn't make it right!

I never really got the whole 'let's get a tree, bring it into our house, and toss it back outside in a few weeks' tradition. My family always had a fake tree, but when I was younger there was an older lady down the block named Helen who would ask my Dad to bring her to the lot to get a tree on Christmas Eve, cause that's what her Dad use to do . . .So Weird!
I think my biggest problem with people getting live trees is, in my neighborhood, instead of waiting for the night before trash day my neighbors would toss there trees in the park where me and my friends would play football. They would rot for months as every stray cat and dog would relieve themselves on them . . . Yuck!
For many of those reasons watching this short made me chuckle a lot . . .
Yes it's wrong on so many levels, but what else would you expect from the guy who later went on to direct 'Hobo'?

So think twice before bringing a real tree home this month because this just may happen to you!

-Tom Bryce


  1. First time seeing this...and it definitely put me in the holiday spirit. This movie is a meditation on the true meaning of Christmas.
    What really makes this work is the muppet quality of the Christmas Trees. The sound design was amazing too. Overall this short gets an A+.
    What are these guys doing next?

  2. "The ABCs of Death"
    A 26-chapter anthology that showcases death in all its vicious wonder and brutal beauty.