Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sint (25 Days of Shitmas Day #21)

Since my friend Jamie bought me a $20 F.Y.E. Gift card for Christmas I went there on my lunch break yesterday, looked around at some of the DVDs and settled on a new release. That movie ended up being "Sint", well actually it's lamely just called "Saint Nick" here in America for some reason. But I didn't know the director's name was actually"Dick Maas", I really thought that was the tagline they were using for the film, silly me!

St. Nicholas whom you may or may not know is the real life Inspiration for Santa Claus, he had a reputation for secret gift-giving, such as putting coins in the shoes of those who leave them outside their house for him.
When I was in grade school (a Catholic one mind you) we would follow that same tradition of leaving one shoe outside our classrooms and we would hear bells ringing in the hallways. When our teachers said so, we would go retrieve our shoe and it would be filled with a bag of candy . . . Pure Magic! It wasn't until you were in the 5th grade you found out it was now your job to fill the younger kids shoes with candy and you get diddly squat in return lol.

The Saint Nick depicted in this movie is a Very Scary Man who rides a Pale White Horse and only appears when there is a Full Moon on the 5th of December.

On those special occurrences St. Nick and his nasty army of Black Peters attack Cities and Towns from what can only be described as a Pirate Ship. Kids get dragged up chimneys then ripped in half, parents get Axes to the heads, and those lucky enough to live are always in fear of the next Full Moon FeastDay.

After witnessing a couple of these Full Moon Feast Days, One in the Late 1400s and another in 1960s, we are then taken to Modern Day Amsterdam the day before Dec. 5th
Our Hero Frank, a High School student gets framed for the murder of his friends who had a nasty run in with some Black Peters, while they were dressed in Black Face as Pete(s) Themselves . . .

Frank later teams up with a Cop named Goret on a mission to rid the world of "Sint" once and for all. There are people in the Government who know what's happening, but the only way they prepare for this night of murders, is by covering each one up as an accident so not to cause Widespread Panic.
So they watch as St. Nick strikes at a Children's Hospital, a School, and other places around the city while Frank and Goret desperately try to stop him. Sometimes with their own men getting in the way of ending things.

I gotta say this was one of the better Holiday Related Horror Films to come out in a long time, while it lacks the overall Charm of Rare Exports the other Fantastic Foreign Horror Film to come out recently, this one is more like a straight up Slasher Film. The Gore is topnotch and the "Black Peters" wrecking shop around town is second to only The Gremlins' Mischievous Mayhem. Another movie this one reminds me of is "Santa's Slay" . . . Not only in terms of story, but there is a lot of comedy in , Not corny one-liners or Bill Goldberg Spearing People type of comedy, just subtle humor. You're not going to want to miss this one, I'm going to try to do a repeat viewing before the weekend's over. I hate to admit this but I was starting to tire some of all the Santa Killing movies I watched this month in order to do "Shitmas", but a Killer St. Nick was just what I needed tonight!
How Badass Does He Look Here? That Should Be Some Metal Band's Album Cover!

The Film's Trailer Incase You Are Interested . . .

- Tom Bryce


  1. I've been waiting to see this for a while. Thanks for the info, sounds entertaining if not scary.

  2. It's a good watch for sure. Have you seen Rare Exports yets?