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Silent Night Deadly Night 2 (25 Days of Shitmas Day #18 )

Silent Night Deadly Night 2 aka Silent Night Deadly Night 1.5: Garbage Day

Any time I watch a movie with my friend Chris that has an overabundance of "flashbacks" in it to tell it's story we have a running joke of saying "Previously on (said movie)", I think it started back when we would cram the entire SAW series in right before the new one came out every October, and the joke may or may not have reached its expiration date after we saw "The Taint", since the second half of that movie is nothing but flashbacks and montages.
But has there ever been a movie guilty of over using the flashback ploy more than "Silent Night Deadly Night 2"?

As the story goes the producers of Silent Night, Deadly Night wanted director Lee Harry to re-cut the first film and insert just one or two new scenes with Eric Freeman playing a mental patient, to make the story in the original film appear to be nothing more than the ravings of an asylum inmate. But screenwriters Lee Harry, Joseph H. Earle, Dennis Patterson and Lawrence Appelbaum, wrote short vignettes involving the patient's youth, as he killed several people, and eventually it became this sequel. But there was not enough material for a full length film, so numerous flashback sequences were used to extend the running time. When the film still ran short, a lengthy closing-credits sequence (nearly ten minutes in length, showing the full cast and crew of this film and its predecessor) was added to pad-out the film's running time even further. (Credit IMDB)

The first half of the movie takes place at a Mental Institution and follows an interview between a Psychiatrist and his new patient Ricky (Eric Freeman), whom you might remember was the younger brother of Billy our Killer Santa from S.N.D.N. Part 1 . . . But don't worry if you don't remember that cause like it or not the movie is about to catch you up big time!

Ricky rehashes the events from part one to his, such as the Death of his Parents at the hands of Robber in a Santa Suite, his brother's ongoing beating from the awful Mother Superior for being Naughty at their Foster Home, and the Kill Spree Billy ended up going on after he finally snapped after being forced to wear a Santa Suite himself at the toy store he was working for. The way how these stories are told as if he witnessed them first hand is so ludicrous since Ricky was an infant - to about five when most of this stuff happened. It all sorta reminds me of the end scene from Jaws 4: The Revenge when Ellen Brody flashbacks to when Husband Martin kills the Shark at the end of Jaws 1 . . . Bitch Please! You Weren't On That Boat . . . It Wasn't Big Enough!

The only thing that was criticized more then the overabundance of old footage, was Eric Freeman's "Acting". Is this guy a Horrible Actor? YES! But his OverTheTop way of saying his lines and facial expressions are hilarious! Lines such as "Fuck Off Doc!" , "I Don't Sleep" , and of course the Infamous "Garbage Day" are all memorable in their own way because of the way he delivered them . . . He really won me over, and I'm so glad they didn't go with the other guy who tried out for the role.
The Infamous Garbage Day Scene!

It's original scenes such as that when Ricky really starts to show off his Acting chops. We also get unique kills featuring everything from umbrellas to car jumper cables.

Ricky's showdown at the end where he confronts the Evil Mother Superior (Kinda looking the inspiration for the 2000 movie the The Convent) is the ending you were hoping for from part 1 and boy do they deliver this time around.

It's a bummer the budget for S.N.D.N. 2 was so small that they could only afford to shoot for 10 Days, cause I would have loved to seen more of Ricky Freaking Out on people.

I'm lucky enough to own the now long OutOfPrint DVD Release of this film that was paired up with S.N.D.N. 1 . . . It got pulled shortly after it's release for a rights issue.

But hopefully that changes in the future cause this film is more then just a short Internet Meme, besides that mesmerising rampage through a quite suburban neighborhood with Ricky shooting everyone in sight, there is a whole movie of unintentional laughter and stupidness.
Sadly Mr. Freeman went M.I.A. after this movie was made, but I hope someday we are once again touched by his greatness!
Eric ComeBack To Us!

I Leave You now, but not without showing the best NES Video Game That Never Was!

- Tom Bryce

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