Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Obligatory Top Ten Films of 2011 List . . . Well Top Ten That I've Actually Seen!

So here's my "Obligatory Top Ten Films of 2011" list. Before starting I guess I should say I haven't gotten around to seeing "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo","The Woman", "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol", "Young Adult", and "MoneyBall", so I don't know 'if' or 'where' they would show up on this list. But hey, here are 10 Films I did see this year and loved . . .

010: Horrible Bosses
When Kevin Spacey plays a Huge Prick in a movie (e.g. "Swimming With Sharks") he's at his very best. Horrible Bosses is a well written Dark Comedy, but since actors such a Spacey were casted it became something to really watch instead of one of the endless Hangover Clones out there now.

009: Rare Exports

The Best Holiday related horror film to come out since the 80s. This is the first of three foreign horror movies to make my Top Ten, and I'm sure, like the other two, they will end up getting a US remake sadly in a couple years or so.

008: Scream 4

The first Scream is one of my all-time favorite slashers, 2 was a worthy follow up, but by the 3rd movie I really didn't think I would care to see anymore of GhostFace. I was wrong, The 4th movie was really great, I think enough time has passed since the last, and that everything became a welcomed sight. It had just the right mixture of homages, but also featured some great kill scenes and twists that I would welcome a 5th movie now.

007: 30 Minutes or Less
Great cast and a smart action/comedy, I'd take this over the Hangover 1 & 2 any day of the week. Jesse Eisenberg has yet to let me down in a movie. I will always regret refering to you as the Poor-Man's Michael Cera a few years ago.

006: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
This was the funniest and most clever film I've seen this year. I don't want to give too much away. So I'll just say this, if you love slasher films you'll love this tale. It spoofs the slasher sub-genre without being stupid like those "Scary Movie" Wayans Brothers' films! Tyler Labine (Dale) is going places man.

005: Troll Hunter
"Trrrooooooolllllllll". Watching this with about 15 people in Chris' living room made for one of my favorite viewings of a movie this year. Things start to drag a little midway, but it's still a fun ride that's not to be missed!

004: Rise of the Planet of the Apes
It wasn't until recently that I saw all the original "Apes" movies (thanks to Exhumed Film's"Go Ape" marathon). I heard good things about this reboot and was not disappointed at all.
One of the best summer blockbusters in recent years and a smart movie. The effects when the Apes let lose in San Fran are flawless and very very believable. James Franco as a scientist . . . not so much. But the CGI apes are the real stars here. Its not often I will go see a movie twice in the theaters, but I had no problem doing so with this one. I just picked up the blu-ray a few days ago and plan on watching it over and over again.

003: Hobo with a Shotgun
A title that lives up to it's name and one of the ballsiest movies I've seen in some time.
I watched this movie more times then everything else combined on this list and at no point do I ever tire of it. Rutger Hauer has always been a notable actor and made some amazing films in his lifetime, but "The Hobo" is iconic. He's the "Taxi Driver" and "Death Wish" of the 'whatever this decade' is called.

002: Drive

If you have seen this movie you know why it's on the list. This movie just oozes style . . . From the lighting of the scenes, camera angles, music, everything fits perfectly.

The soundtrack from this movie is my album of the year. Albert Brooks is terrifying, and Ryan Gosling is pure adrenaline. I can't wait to own this fucker!

001: Attack The Block
An Instant Classic if there ever was one. I wasn't sure if this or "Drive" was going to win the #1 spot on this list. I've only seen Drive once and went on to watch Attack 5 times already since picking it up on blu. I figured this was the right movie to go with. The creatures' design was fantastic, the London ghetto setting was a great backdrop to the story and John Boyega aka Moses carries this movie on his shoulder big time. I want to see more of that kid in other movies. I really dread a U.S. remake of this. There is no point! If you can't understand what they are saying put the subtitles on, that's what they are there for!

- Tom Byce


  1. Troll Hunter was my fav this year by far! I think Stake Land was second fav. My friends and I look at each other and out of the blue yell "T-R-O-L-L!" Haha

  2. Stake Land and 13 Assassins are my Honorable Mention.
    S.L. was awesome cause played more like a Zombie film then a Vampire one.

  3. I really need to see Attack the Block... everyone seems to have it on their list... and quite high on the list at that...

  4. Kev it's a must see, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  5. Fully agree with Attack, Rare, Rise, Trollhunter and Tucker & Dale - all fabulously entertaining movies.

    Disagree with Scream4 which was one of my biggest disappointments this year.

  6. Trollhunter was my favorite movie of 2011 so far, and I don't see that changing. I was surprised to be disappointed by Hobo with a Shotgun, as I was really looking forward to that one on account of it being a movie from the Maritimes. Great list, man.