Sunday, December 25, 2011

The He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special (25 Days of Shitmas Day #25)

This was not intended to be the final write up for the "25 Days of Shitmas", but a couple things didn't work out as planned and I really didn't feel like featuring "A Christmas Story" or "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" since they've been done to death so, I hit the Netflix Instant Watch and stumbled upon this ShitBomb from 1985!

Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms build a "Sky Spy" Rocket Device so they sneak a peek at Skeletor in the shower.
But when the ever so annoying Orko screws up the Sky Spy and Crash Lands on Earth, it's up to the Most Powerful Twins in the Universe to bring back their friend, and battle Skeletor, Hordak, and Horde Prime over the "Spirt of Christmas" and two kids from Earth who accidentally ended up in Eternia.

Yikes I haven't seen an episode of Masters of the Universe in at least 20 some years, was it always this bad or was it just extra ridiculous to fit into a Christmas Special?
I really don't remember the animation and voice-work being this awful when I was younger! And while it was cool to see all the characters who's toys I played with for countless hours in my childhood, none of them really do much in this special besides standing around looking lost.

Instead we get He-Man and She-ra having an endless battle with 3 Giant Robots that are about as mobile as a rock, and trying to rescue two hopeless Earth Kids form being killed by Horde Prime and his Army. It's as boring as it gets.

The only Saving Grace of this special is Skeletor being very unSkeletor like as he starts to love the children he was trying to harm, giving them Coats to warm them up, and along the way learns about the true Meaning of Christmas! His reaction to to being licked by this RobotPuppy is priceless!

After Horde Space Ship is destroyed, and the children are saved, they return home to earth safely and back to their loving father Ron Jeremy right before Christmas!

Wow this was so horrible, I am sorry to end Shitmas on such a low note. I'll be better prepared next year . . . I swear! Tomorrow I'm going to recap the whole Shitmas Event and post links to everyone's blog or site who contributed.

- Tom Bryce


  1. The part where Skeletor saves the kids from the Snow Beast is hilarious!

  2. I was addicted to She-Ra when I was a kid and even back then I couldn't stand the Christmas special.