Monday, December 26, 2011

The 25 Days of Shitmas (Year One)

When I had the idea a month ago to feature a different Holiday Movie here on the SMF Blog each day leading up to Christmas I knew I wasn't going to be able to do it on my own, the Support I received was Amazing . . . I want to take this opportunity to say Thanks Again to Everyone Who Contributed a Shitmas Review this month . . . Chris, Steve, John S., Dick, Jessie, Kristy, Manny, Eric K., and Eric M. there's no way I would have been able to pull this off without your Help! Shitmas was a Major Success and Hopefully you guys are all down for the Sequel Next Year . . . "Shitmas 2: Holiday Killaloo" :)

Here's A Final List of all of 2011's ShitMas Movies and a Link to Sites of each Guest Reviewer . . .

December 1st: Jingle All The Way

December 2nd: Santa Claws

December 4th: Treevenge

December 5th: Black Christmas

December 6th: Santa's Slay
(By Eric Martin of Guts and Grog Reviews )

December 7th: Elves 
(By Chris Gormley)

December 8th: Scrooged
(By Dick Greco of NineteenEightyGore )

December 9th: The Ref 
(By Manny of Mass Grave Pictures )

December 10th: Ernest Saves Christmas 
(By Eric King of Back Online Back On Duty )

(By Chris Gormley)

(By John of Freddy In Space )

(By Chris Gormley)

December 16th: Gremlins 
(By Jessie Seitz)

December 17th: Muppet Christmas Carol 

December 19th: Less Than Zero

December 20th: To All A Good Night

December 21st: Sint

December 22nd: Die Hard 
(By Steve Johnson of Icon Vs. Icon )

December 23rd: Santa Claus 1959 
(By Chris Gormley)

December 24th: Black X-Mas

-Tom Bryce


  1. Quite an impressive movie collection here...For me to poop on!