Monday, November 7, 2011

Shit Movie Fest Presents: Tales From The Shit (11/06/11)

Yesterday afternoon was our monthly Shit Movie Fest party and maybe our most ambitious event to date . . .
The theme for this month's gathering was "Horror Anthologies" and to play up on the anthology aspect we had 4 TVs throughout the house with each of them playing a different movie.

Mike Smash hosted this event at his house which has now been dubbed the "Smashion" by Chris Fear!

If you never been to the Smashion it has a huge Basement/Workshop that Mike uses to make his Custom Figures and Mirrors, oh and also there is about 5000 Movies down there in some kinda of order on a homemade DVD Shelf . . .

The event started sometime around 1pm, we had Five Main Films we were going to feature in the Living Room (Trick 'r Treat, The Basement, From A Whisper To A Scream, Nightmares, and Tales From The Hood), but Mike and I also took every Anthology movie we could find off the shelves, so that we would have enough movies to play on the TV in the Kitchen and the two down in the Warehouse.
("Trilogy of Terror", George Romero's "Deadtime Stories", "Horror Hospital", "Twilight Zone: The Movie", "Creepshow 2", "Tales From The Darkside: The Movie", "Body Bags", "The Uncanny", "Tales That Witness Madness", "Dead of Night", and "Fright Show" all played at some point during the day.)
CreepShow 2 playing in the Kitchen!

"Fright Show" was brought to the party by 1st Time Shit Movie Fest attendee George of the
  VHS Preservation Society.

 I been grabbing movie off him and his brother Sean for a couple years now, and it was a real joy to hang out with him outside of the convention grounds. Very knowledgeable guy and fit right in with the rest of the group.

Two of my best friends Chris and his fianc√©  were next to arrive on the scene, both Chris and I been really busy since the last SMF, so this was my first time seeing him in over a month.
Chris Fear got there soon after and he was followed by K.G. who's hosting January's Event (more details to follow soon) and his girl Falon. Other Shit Movie Regulars Trov, Stu, and K.C.H. made it in the next hour or so. But since a good amount of people were there now, Mike put on the chinese food he made on and we ate some before watching the first main feature of the day Trick r' Treat . . .
Warner Brothers really dropped the ball when releasing this one, cause surprisingly most of the people watching the movie have neither seen it or heard of it and afterward were shocked to hear it was a "Straight To DVD" release. Hopefully if a sequel ever does get made, it will be a wide theatrical release!.

Our dinner was now ready so we headed back into the kitchen and enjoyed some good eats. After that we headed back into the living room . . .

Mike and I hit a snag earlier in the day when trying to find his copy of "Tales From The Hood", so the movie I wanted to play when biggest crowd was around played a little ahead ahead of schedule . . .
The Basement is a long lost movie shot on Super 8 back in the late 80s. There are parts of the movie that are pretty stupid and unintentionally funny, but with maybe a bigger budget or lighting this movie could have been a big hit!
The gore, effects, and makeup in this movie is surprisingly top notch for having such a low budget, only problem you really can't see shit cause 80% of the movie is shot in the dark.
Recently put this out and it comes with the Movie on both VHS and DVD, plus it also includes "Video Violence" , "Video Violence 2", and "Cannibal Campout"
It can be purchased ( HERE )

Another SMF 1st Timer was Kevin of House of Mysterious Secrets, he came in half way threw the Basement and was really in disbelief on what he walked in on.
After "The Basement"was over, Chris, Kevin, and I had a good discussion about what the worse Friday the 13th Sequel is, I say it's a toss up between 5 & 9, where 5 happens to be Kevin's favorite.
Chris and I both agreed he made some good points so we are going to all sit down and watch it again some day lol

There was an Eric Forman/Kelsolike circle going on downstairs, so we all hung down there for a while This weird movie with Elvira and Jack Palance  was playing . . .

The last movie to play in the living room was "Nightmares" from 1983. This was an interesting mess of a movie.

"The Bishop of Battle" staring Emilio Estevez was Pure 80s Cheese! There were 3 other stories featuring great veteran actors such as Richard Masur, Lance Henriksen, and Veronica Cartwright . . . but the stories were very run of the mill I couldn't wait to it was over :(

Cause of the South Works concert we all went to the night before and the Daylight Saving Time just happening that morning we wrapped things up a little earlier then usual for a Shit Movie Fest.
But because of the nature of the event we fit 3x more movie then we usually do lol.

Thanks to everyone that came out yesterday, thanks for bringing all the beer & food with you and Major Props to Mike for Hosting!

News on the upcoming December show will be up very shortly . . .

Oh and one last thing before I end this post, this was my favorite picture I took of the day . . .
A Zuni Doll guarding the Shit Movie Fest Cooler!

- Tom Bryce

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  1. Awesome; and agreed, 'Trick R Treat' is a thoroughly underrated classic. Can't believe it went so under the radar as it did.