Friday, November 18, 2011

PA/NJ Horror Club Meeting (11/17/11)

Last night I attended my second meeting of the PA/NJ Horror Club.
The PA/NJ Horror Club is a Facebook Group ran by Rob Dimension and his Wife Kim . . .
Once a month a meeting takes place where all the group members are invited to gather at Capes & Cowls Comic Book just outside Philly and watch a movie together and have a conversation about said movie afterwards.
I had to miss last month's meeting since I had another obligation on the date it took place ("Season of the Witch"), but I got to say it was very nice nice to have a return visit and talk in person with some of the people I chat with online daily.

Rob Dimension

There was a lot of traffic on I95 North but I still made it before the 7pm start time. I talked to Rob some before the show about my HorrorHound weekend and how we both can't wait until Monster Mania comes back to town.
Before we start the movie there's usually a roundtable discussion about a few different Horror related topics, there was a discussion of Kevin Smith's "Red State" that I refrained from since I have yet to view it yet, also we talked about where we would like to see the group heading in the near future and ways we could expand and also take in different activities as a group outside of the monthly meetings. Everyone was down with the idea

The movie Rob chose to feature this month was  The Super . . .

It's an independent film from 2010 and not to be confused with the Joe Pesci movie of the same name! Even though this Super still has some good laughs (maybe even more then Pesci's film) it's really a twisted through back to the Late 70s/Early 80s Grindhouse Cinema.  With the one of the better tag lines I seen in awhile "Don't bother locking your doors, he has the keys." Demetri Kallas stars as "George Rossi" an owner of a rundown apartment building in an undesirable section of New York. George is a man with kind heart who he taken advantage by his tenants one way or another, but as a unstable ex Vietnam Vet that kindness does not last to long before he snaps . . .  But before any killing take place at his hands, George is involved in a lot of awkward moments that could fill a whole season of Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm"! He enters a biracial couple's room who just moved into his building while they were out/then hide in their closet while they do the deed and then later tries to force them to buy a Christmas Tree even though neither celebrate the Holiday, then does something nasty to their ice cream next time they aren't home. Soon doing little things petty thing to get back at the people he can't stand and he starts offing them with the help of Olga a Russian Woman who lives in the building who just so happens to be a maker of Snuff-Films! You don't have to worry about next month's rent when your dead!

Pacing issues aside (98 Mins is a little long in the tooth for any movie of this nature), the Super was a good movie. The acting was very believable, the low budget of the movie doesn't hinder the movie in an way but actually enhanced it! Scenes of him walking in New York or taking the Subway are very "Maniac" like and the killings are pretty top notch. Everything surpassed my expectations.  After the movie we had a pretty long convo about it and most people feet the same about it. It went over very well and works well as a group movie to watch with friends.
Rob had a couple copies to give out on DVD via  picking a number out of a hat, but sadly I didn't win.

Still something I'm going to look in to picking up for a future  "Shit Movie Fest Party"!
Any way there's no meeting for scheduled December, but if anyone is interested in coming with me in January join the group (HERE) and I'll give you a ride if needed.

Special thanks to Rob Dimension, Duke (Owner of Capes & Cowls), and Todd for all the info you provided about the Super, you might be the biggest fan out there of the movie so far . . .

P.S. Get Well Kim Dimension, I missed not seeing you out tonight. :(

-Tom Bryce

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