Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nightbreed (11/4/11 at The Colonial Theatre)

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Nightbreed in 35mm at The Colonial Theatre.

I made the trip to Phoenixville, with my friends Mike Smash and Tom K  of Last Blog On Dead Street.
 I seen most of the movies Clive Barker been involved with such as Candyman, Midnight Meat Train, Hellraiser, and even Rawhead Rex . . . But this would be my first time viewing NightBreed in any capacity, and what better way then to see it in a movie theater and on a film print from when it was originally released in 1990!
Like the previous films I seen at the Colonial recently the screening of this print came to be thanks to the efforts of Nick, Joel, and Cyanide.
Before the show the guys did an introduction of the film, they talked about some interesting trivia/facts about the movie, and did a quick show of hands asking who never seen Nightbreed before . . . I think I was the only one! *redface*

They showed a quick trailer reel which included all the movies playing soon at both the Colonial's
 Frist Friday Fright Night and their  Cult Cinema Night . . .
Silent Night, Deadly Night on Dec. 2nd and on December 30th they are playing Die Hard!

                                                         Now it was time for the movie!

I gotta say I pretty much liked everything about this movie, the makeup and effects on the NightBreed Creatures were astounding, the movie's sets made everything feel Dreamscape, and having David Cronenberg play the villainous Dr. Decker was an inspired choice!

In a movie were the Monsters were the Heroes and the Humans are the Villains, it doesn't get much worse then Dr. Decker! He kills families and pins the murders on the patients under his psychiatric care!
                                       With or Without His Button Eyes Mask, he was still very scary . . .

Since I was just seeing this for the first time, there were some some distractions while watching it.
For one the film had a very Tim Burtonesque feel to it! I know this predates most of his films but besides both this movie and Edward Scissorhands sharing a Score done by Danny Elfman, I got to wonder if Nightbreed inspired any other of Tim's films?

Another thing was  I keep forgetting that it was Craig Sheffer in the movie and not David Boreanaz!
I never realized how similar they looked until last night!


All in all, I really enjoyed the movie, it's to bad it didn't do well when it first came out cause the movie had the perfect setup for an Sequel. I would have rather have seen that made then any sequel made pass Hellrasier 3! From what I read this morning there was a lot of trouble on the set while making it, and nearly an hour of filmed material was cut from the movie!

I'd love to see a director's cut release show up on Blu-ray at some point, as of right now the movie is OOP, besides the Warner Brother Archives carrying a barebones copy (HERE) .

Unlike Nightbreed, the next few movies the Colonial is playing I've seen already, but not on Film, only on DVD or VHS and that's beauty of going to this place. It's like witnessing something you love for the first time again . . .

- Tom Bryce

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