Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati Day 2 & 3 (Nov. 12-13 2011)

InCase You Missed Part 1 of this post you can catch up here . . .

Day 2 of the HorrorHound weekend started off very relaxing compared to some of the recent Cons I attended, since I wasn't working this show there was no urgency to get there early.

The hotel bed was so comfy I stayed in it later then I would if I was home, when Mike awoke we talked about last night and how he ate a massive amount of chilli at some place called SKY something or other . . . We both were in the mood for some grub, but since we didn't have a car it would be a long walk to find anything besides TacoBell. We walked for about a half-hour but ended up grabbing something from the gas station . . . A RedBull and a SlimJim . . . the Breakfast of Champions.

The first awesome thing I spotted that day was the GhostBuster's Ecto1  Car! I seen them loading in it in the night before but to see it in the day time was a sight to behold!

Since I got a late start for the day I got to admit I was very overwhelmed by the Saturday morning/early afternoon Crowd that was already there! I said some quick hellos to some friends and then went back to hotel to chill for a bit. I never been much of a crown/line person and since I got a lot in the night before I didn't feel to bad about taking a small break. Ended up watching most of Inception which was on HBO before I headed back.

Things were still pretty stacked, but I was more in proper mindset for it.
I took some random pictures as I walked around that I'm now going to share . . .
The HorrorHound Wolf guarding Alex Winter

Me, Leslie Vernon, and a Can of PBR . . . Paradise Lost? Found It!

Dr. Tongue from Days of the Dead

I talked to Dick again I seen we both wore the same shirt two days in a row? What were the odds?
We were both hoping to meet C.J. Graham who played "Jason" in Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI
Dick and I both packed our Fright Rags "Jason Lives" shirt, only problem was C.J. didn't show that weekend! It's all good cause we still got a picture of "Jason" any way!

I soon did a quick tour of the vendor room and got some pretty cool stuff  . . .

I picked this Vintage looking Halloween Block Set up for my Mom.

I got another stand fro KneeHighHorror. This time I got a Badass "Demons" mini!

And after hearing rave reviews from Kristy Jett, I picked up "Intruder" on Blu-ray!

How HorrorHound was set up was weird compared to what I am use to at other conventions, instead of just having rooms just for vendors and rooms just for the celebs, most of the rooms were mixed.
It was confusing to keep track of where everything was.

I spotted both Phil Fondacaro Phil Fondacaro and Tom Towles Tom Towles the night before both always had a nice size crowd around them, so when I saw them alone that day I made my move :)

Phil Fondacaro has always been an actor I always always admired, any movie he's in he scene stealer.
When I was younger I had found memories of watching Ghoulies 2 on TV all the time at my Nan's house. we didn't have cable when I was a kid so i caught a lot movies over there when she was babysitting me.
So I got something from that movie signed by him aka "Sir Nigel Penneyweight".

My picture with Phil turned out to be my favorite of the weekend.

Meeting Mr. Tom Towles  was also great, such a kind dude compared to all the creeps he played in the movies!

 since I got my "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" dvd signed by Michael Rooker the night before I needed to get "Otis" on there also!

The show was ending for the night, and that called for another Beer with Dick and Mike . . .
                                                                   PBR or Go Home!

Mike and I headed back over to the Hotel to watch the UFC Cain Velasquez/Junior dos Santos fight  before we headed over to WaterPark Party. If you saw the fight you know we made it to the Water Park a lot earlier then we intended.

I wasn't sure if i was going to bother getting in the water that night, but I did bring my swim trunks just incase, after some convincing from Dick and Kristy I rented a locker to go get changed.

I ran into Friday the 13th Part VI  director Tom McLoughlin in my travels and snapped this picture . . .

After getting changed I meet back up with Dick, K.J., and some of there friends. I had a blast floating in the Lazy River, riding the slides, drinking Spiced Rum straight from the bottle. Highlight of the night was the Creepy guy dressed like GhostFace from Scream peeping on everyone in the Outside Hot Tub.
Most of the stories from The WaterPark Party are the ultimate you had to be there type stories, so I won't go any more into it, but want to thanks Dick and Kristy once again for letting me hang with all the Cool Kids, and it was nice meeting you Jessie, Kate, and Kat :)

We got kick out of the park around 1am, so I made my way back to the room and must have crashed right away.

Day 3 I didn't really bother to do to much, I got the "Blood Diner" shirt off of Fright Rags I been wanting.

And even better a picture with the Queen of Sass Herself Kristy Jett!

                                                           Two prints off of Chris Ott . . .

                            And from Nathan Milliner I got this "Taryn" Dream Warriors print.

The final celeb I meet for the weekend was Robert Rusler of Weird Science and Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Fame.

After the show me, Mike, Dick, Chris Ott, Neil, Jessie, and Kate all had dinner at the Hotel Bar.
We were there for a good while, hung out with some of the celebrities who stuck around the extra night.
Like Noah Hathaway aka "Atreyu" from the Never Ending Story!
                                      I actually said "I cried when your Horse died" to him lol

And that was it, the end of another great weekend with my "Horror Family" New and Old.

Till Next Time My Friends :)

- Tom Bryce


  1. Super Jealous of the Ghoulies 2 print. Amazing. I need to go to a con again. I haven't been in a couple years. This confirmed my need.

  2. I really haven't been going to them that long myself, but everyone I been to be awesome in their own little way.