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HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati Day 1 (11/11/11)

If you asked me what Cities were on the top of my list to travel to some day I may say London, Paris and definitely Austin,TX . . .
But where does Cincinnati (In November nonetheless) rank on my lists of possible tourist destinations? Well before HorrorHound Weekend let's just say it wasn't very high!

A few weeks ago after doing Rock and Shock with Mike Smash, he asked me if I would be interested in going to HorrorHound Cincinnati with him? Since the Vendor Tables were long Sold out, we would be going to not work/sell shit but to visit our Horror Community Friends, meet some Celebrity Guest and do some Networking.

I meet up with Mike early Friday morning, usually when we go to these conventions we drive, but since it would work out to be a 9 hour drive we opted to Fly and save about 7 hours and it was roughly the same amount on plane tickets then what we would have spent on gas money driving.

It's been a couple years since I sat been to Philly's Airport, was a lot of improvements, the place use to just be a Concrete-Nightmare.  Major kudos on their renovations!

After a surprisely fast security check we took a shuttle bus to the Gate F/ Section 24 and and we had some time to kill before we could abroad our plane at 10:30am . We noticed something was up when it was 11am and our plane wasn't even outside yet . . . The flight attendants filled us in on what the delay was . . . Vice President Joe Biden was coming to Town and all the Runways were on lockdown till he arrived :|

After awhile a place came to our gate and the lady on the speaker said "Now boarding for Detroit" Wait what what? Were in the wrong section along! We read the screen right, so we have no clue when #24 was changed from Cincinnati to Detroit but it was and we had to run FAST if when wanted to make it where our plane was now located. Because of all the delays we luckily we didn't missed it but we were cutting it very close.  Man we would have been fucked so hard if that was the case.

Our plane was pretty small, only about 40 people on it all together counting flight and crew.  The aisle were extra tight and because it caused Mike to spill this one Lady's cranberry and vodka on her lap and her very fashionable jacket when he got up to use the bathroom . . .
Needless to say things stated getting awkward but she was totally cool to us after a little bit.
This is the kind of jacket the vodka and cranberry Lady was wearing!

The airport we touched down in wasn't in Ohio like we thought it would be, but in Kentucky! Oh and it made the Airport on the TV Show "WINGS" look big in comparison lol.
Grabbing my bags and and walking to the street kinda reminded me of the scene in Midnight Express for some reason.

Since were in Kentucky and not Ohio we were actually quite far from the Hotel we were staying at for the weekend, the Taxi cost $60 to get there flat rate which really seamed like highway robbery . ..
We got to the Livein Hotel around 3pm, already i could tell this was going to be a nicer place then our Rock and Shock Weekend where we stayed for at the EconoLodge (Aka Home of the Period Blood Bed).
After checking in we ran into a guy from Canada who was trying to unload a  Gold Ticket Pass since his buddy didn't make the trip down. I ended up getting the gold pass off him for a cheaper rate . . .
Besides having  access to the show all weekend, you got the The HorrorHound Cincinnati Shirt, A Copy of the Special Edition HorrorHound, and a Free Pass to get into the WaterPark Party that was taking place Saturday Night! And yes incase you were wondering he said "eh?" a lot in our very quick conversation!

Mike and I made our way over to the show, I pick up my extras that came with Gold pass, talked to my Good Friends Dick Greco and Kristy Jett of Fright-Rags for the first of many conversations of that weekend!
I swear Dick and I don't go over what shirts we are going to wear at these Cons, least not yet anyway lol!

and also made my first convention buy . . . A "Return of the Living Dead 3" stand from KneeHighHorror!
She's to Die For!

Since we really didn't eat much that day Mike and I decided to hit up the Taco Bell up the road before we settle in at HorrorHound.
On the way back from eating some Tacos we stopped at the Beer Distributor to grab some beer to store in our room's mini fridge, I also got what was one of my stupider purchases of the weekend
"Busted" featuring nothing but MugShots of people from the Ohio and Kentucky Area. It was only $1 so I had to buy it!

When we got back at the con I figured since it was still early in would be a good idea to get some of the signatures I planed to get out of the way.
One of the Main Stars I wanted to meet that weekend was John Saxon. The Nightmare on Elm Street series has always held a special place in my heart, with part 3 being my favorite.
Meeting Mr. Saxon was awesome, he had a little bit of a line so I didn't get to talk to him long but I would speak to him later that night with Mike and it was much more memorable.
                                            And got him to sign this poster by Chris Ott . . .
I already have Robert Englund and Amanda Wyss' autograph on it, going to keep in the tube till March's Monster Mania in hopes of Heather Langenkamp or Jsu Garcia, then get it professionally framed.

After my Saxon meeting I went over to Kane to get this K.H.H. Stand of Friday the 13t Part 8 signed . . .

I'm seeing the movie in New York this weekend (11/18) but I didn't feel like bringing it on the trip with me.Kane is a nice guy, he liked the fact that I was wearing a Hatchet Shirt (Get it at Fright Rags), and talked about how he looked forward to seeing Jason 8 the next weekend, but when when he did his
signature "choke" move I thought I was dying! I still had handprint marks on me all weekend!

I didn't buy to many movies this weekend but did get a lot of awesome Art Prints . . .
                                   Like this Dick Miller as "Uncle Willy" from Demon Knight . . .

The art was done by Joel Robison and can be picked up here http://www.artpusher.net/home.php

I called Mike to see what he was up to and he was talking to John Saxon, so I made my way over to his table again. This time time there was no line and we got to talk to John about living in LA and some of his past movies. I mentioned "Invasion of the Flesh Hunters " as being a really good movie and he said "I wouldn't go that far!" But it is John, It is!

Since the line for Michael Rooker was the shortest it was all night, I went and waited in it. I seen Dick G. in the area so I asked if would taking the picture for me since he knows what the heck he's doing.
 Meeting Michael was an amazing experience. I always been a big fan of his diverse body of work . . . Everything from Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer to MallRats to Slither!
I told him about I just saw Henry at Exhumed Films  a couple weeks before hand and how it chased a good amount of people out of the theatre. He got a good kick out of that!

Since the night was winding down I got one more sig that I wanted and made one of my bigger buys of the weekend . . .

So the last actor I meet for the night was James Duval! (Frank the Bunny in Donnie Darko, and also in so many other good movies such as May, ID4, NoWhere, etc)
He might be the nicest celebrity I ever meet! So down to earth and just has overall good vibes about him.

- To Tom "Why are you wearing that stupid Man Suite?" He even put the "28:06:41:12" at the bottom! :)

                                  And this was one of my bigger purchases of the weekend . . .
It's a clay model of the infamous dick cutting in the bathtub scene in "I Spit On Your Grave"
                                                    Done by http://www.clayguy.com/
He had a great setup at the show but that was the best one imo.

I always wanted to get something off of him and glad I finally made the plunge!

End of the Night Beers with friends New and Old!

The show was now over for the night, I hung out with Mike and some of his friends but wasn't really feeling the bar that night so I called it a night early. I never really hang out to late at the Cons on Friday Night cause Saturday's when all the Really FUN Happens!
Well that's it for Part 1 of this recap, hope you enjoyed reading it so far.

Recap for Days 2 & 3 are (HERE)

- Tom Bryce

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