Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December Happening Here At The Shit Movie Fest Blog . . .

December plans to a busy month here for the SMF blog . . .
All throughout the Month I'm going to be posting reviews of Christmas & Holiday Films.
Some of these reviews will be done by me, with others done by guess writers including John Squires of "Freddy In Space", Dick Greco of "198Gore", and Eric King of  "RoboCop's Sad Side", Manny of "Mass Grave Pictures", and Shit Movie Fest Party Goers Rory, Chris G., & Kevin G. plan on taking on a film at some point!

Also I will be attending these following events, and I will post a recap for each if the time time permits . . .

Silent Night, Deadly Night in 35mm at the Colonial Theatre
I'm going to try and stage a mock protest before the event just like when the movie came out in the 80s!

CZW: Cage of Death 13
Been awhile since I been to my last Cage of Death, went to #3 to 9. This for lack of a better words is always a Bloodbath and sorta a huge Trainwreck of Violence.

Chris Fear's New Band "EAT THE TURNBUCKLE" is playing at the M Room in Fish Town
                                                     For more info here is the Event Page

Philadelphia Punk Rock Flea Market Holiday Edition

300+ tables of vendors selling old records, clothes, art, music, food, junk, bicycles, stereo equipment, instruments, automobiles, tools, posters, furniture, computers, skateboards and lots of other stuff!

Also on this day we will be hosting our monthly SMF PARTY . . .
This one is dubbed "Mystery Shit-MovieFest 2: Holiday Killaloo"
It's a sequel to a event we had last May, and the line up depends entirely up to party guests . . . each person who shows up is asked to bring 1 to 2 Movies that fit into the category of what ShitMovie-Fest means to them.
We don't care what the movie is, just make sure it's shitty and don't tell any of us what the movie is until you show up to Planet Hewson on that day! (That's what makes it all a Mystery duh)
Since this event will be taking place around Christmas time, I hope people wrap up their movie  up like a Christmas Present :)

Exhumed Films Presents:
"The Best of the Horrorthons" Part One: RAW FORCE and LADY TERMINATOR
These Two Movies showed in 35mm . . . Need I say more!

I'm going to visit my Icon vs. Icon buddies in Maryland for their Annual Christmas Party . . .
Oh and I'm bringing the movie "Elves" with me so we can all get drunk and laugh at it's horribleness!

Die Hard in 35mm at The Colonial Theatre
When I was a kid I remember my parents going to see this without me, not cool man . . . not cool at all!

Well as you get you see it's going to be a busy month here at the blog, be sure to come back to read about this Shit . . . It's gonna to be EPIC!

-Tom Bryce


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