Monday, October 17, 2011

Interview With The Directors of The Taint!

If you've ever been to a Shit Movie Fest party or have been keeping up with the SMF FaceBook Page, you must know by now my love for the movie The Taint.
Recently I've been talking to Drew Bolduc (co-director and star of the movie) via email and asked if he would be down for an interview.
Not only did he agree, but so did the other half of the directing duo Dan Nelson!

A couple of days after I had the go ahead for the interview I sought the help of my friends and fellow "Taint" enthusiasts at our monthly Shit Movie Fest party on what were some good questions to ask, to make the most out of this opportunity. The questions below were the best of the bunch . . .

Shit Movie Fest: When I first saw the trailer and described it to people as being somewhat like a Troma film, with hints of Blue Sunshine and Street Trash . . . If not these films, what movies would you say were a major influence on The Taint?
And what music/video games inspired the making of the awesome 8-Bit Soundtrack?

Drew: Troma is probably the biggest. My love of head crushing is from Troma. Dead Alive and Evil Dead 2 were big influences. I was also going through a big Alan Moore phase at the time, so I think all the excessive character back story elements came from that. The music was probably John Carpenter, Vangelis, M83.

SMF: How could a hipster survive the post-apocalypse without cigarettes, a wool cap and no "TV on the Radio"? Your lead character is one Strong Motherfucking Hipster!

Drew: It’s his lack of self-awareness I think.

Dan: Theoretically it was the 80s so the cigarettes really only apply here. We always joked that he was smoking weed throughout the course of the film, so I suppose he had his stash.

SMF: Is the film a commentary on the modern conservative/misogynistic culture or just about exploding cocks?

Drew: Both really. The two subjects are intertwined.

SMF: Why do synthesizer & cocks work so well together?
Drew: I do not know.
Dan: They both deliver.

SMF: Explain the synthetic cock making process?

Drew: They started as latex and balloon rubber, but we ended up using dildos for the show cocks and paper mache for the exploding ones.

Dan: The paper mache cocks were made using the regular dildos as a mold.

SMF: How many cocks were made for sacrifice in this film?

Drew: At least twenty or thirty, though we originally wanted 101.

Dan: Only so we could put on the cover "Over 100 cock explosions"

SMF: Now that we got all the cock questions out of the way . . .
Why do montages work so well in film? What are some your favorite 80s movie montages?

Drew: There is no talking. It is filmmaking at its most serious. The Rocky films are great. Rocky IV is particularly good.

Dan: They cut the crap, you don't have to struggle with the characters, it makes life look easier than it is.

SMF: Is it just me or are there more flashbacks in this film then present narrative and was this done on purpose?
Drew: Yes, time is only the way that human consciousness orients itself toward phenomena.

Dan: Since it takes place in the 80s you could say the entire film is a flashback, so within the film there is a flashback within a flashback within a flashback.

SMF: Will there be a PG-13/cable ready, watered-down cut of the film?

Drew: I really want there to be especially with bad voice-over for the cursing. I want to have nothing to do with it and I want it to be completely shitty. It’s only fair I think.

Dan: I would like to see someone make that work. They would have to blur or pixelate out the cocks, but that's a large portion of the frame during large segments of the film.

SMF: By the time you finished filming the movie did you marvel or shudder where your artistic vision had taken you?

Drew: Both, we definitely stopped judging ourselves halfway through. I’m proud. I’m glad that I, as a younger person, made a film that a young person would make. It never works when young directors make films trying to mimic the insight that only people who have lived life can express. It never works.

SMF: What does you Mom think of the film?

Drew: She says she likes it.

Dan: It wasn't as bad as she thought it would be.

SMF: What are some of the more positive and negative reactions you received from first time viewers?

Drew: The usual response is that it is shitty, but it is totally worth watching. The best of both usually.

SMF: Did you accomplish everything you set out to do? Or were some things cut from the final script?

Drew: It’s pretty close to the script really, the stuff that was cut just wasn’t very good.
Dan: There was stuff we came up with that we wanted to do but didn't end up doing, like throwing a baby off a bridge, etc.

SMF: And finally is there a Taint sequel in the works?

Drew: No, but a different movie is underway.

Dan: I hope someone makes a Taint sequel, just not us.

Drew: I have ideas. There's sort of have a plot, but I'm not ready to go back there right now.

SMF: Guys thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, you have no idea how much it means to me and my friends.
I can't wait to see your next project, keep us posted!

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- Tom Bryce

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