Monday, October 24, 2011

Season of the Witch VI (An Icon vs. Icon Production)

This past Saturday I drove down to Trappe, Maryland (Eastern Shore) to attend Season of the Witch VI . . .
The Event was created by Steve Johnson & Jason Price of Icon vs. Icon and It was held in the back woods of Steve's Grandparent's House aka Old Man Johnson's Place.
The best way I could describe "Season of the Witch" is if Shit Movie Fest and the movie "Sleepaway Camp" had a Baby . . . But Minus the Gay Overtones!
We watched Horror Movies on a projection screen in the Woods, drank an obscene amount of Beer, had all kinds of tasty eats, and Camped out in tents on the Grounds at the end of the night.

Before I get into my summary of the Event and share some pictures I took while I was there, I feel a little back story is in order on how I meet and Jay & Steve and us becoming quick friends over the past year.

The Setting: The Hotel Bar at Monster Mania 17 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey
The Players: Me, Jay, Steve, and a guy who was a dead ringer for Corey Feldman (circa Stand By Me era) whom was also a belligerent drunk!

So Jay, Steve, I are a couple beers in and making small talk at the bar. We were trying to figure out if we somehow knew each other because Jay said I looked familiar to him, and since he went to to Art Institute of Philadelphia it wouldn't have been to odd for out paths to have somehow crossed. It took some time and more beers but we finally figured out how he knew me . . .
I was the guy they saw walking to my car in the crowded Parking Lot walking and possibility freeing up a spot for them to Park in. They followed me to my car, but I was only loading my trunk with some of the shit I bought at the Convention before heading back in.  We had a good laugh about this, but the whole time this was going the Cory Fakeman kid was causing a scene at the bar . . . he was constantly touching and grabbing people (mostly cause that was the only way he could stand up without falling), yelling insane shit like he was the writer of Pulp Fiction and demanded some Respect,  and getting on just about everybody's last nerve (Hotel Staff and Bar Patrons included)
After being denied his request to purchase a six pack of beer and then a twelve pack beer to go, Cory was kindly removed from the hotel premises! And not moment to soon, I was really convinced if he was there any longer and fight might have broken out.  Anyway with him gone, everybody sitting at the Bar was more at ease.
Jay and Steve told me some of their more memorable Horror convention stories and also about their yearly Horror Movie Party named "Season of the Witch". I was very intrigued since I also do the movie party thing with "Shit Movie Fest", what I really liked about their event was the fact that it took outdoors. If you have had told me that 6 months later I'd be in those very woods with these two guys I just meet in the bar I'd say you must have been drinking more then Cory Fakeman that day. . . But thanks to us becoming Facebook Friends and the numerous conventions we gathered at since last March, I got an invite to not only attend this years Season of the Witch but to also represent Shit Movie Fest by presenting two of the movies showing during the night!

So Here's a recap of my trek down to Maryland for what I hope become a yearly tradition for me.

I left Philly around 10am after packing the camping gear I borrowed off of K.G. (Thanks Again Dude!), The Official Shit Movie Fest Cooler, and a case of Singha one of my favorite Beers. I made a quick pitstop to Delco to pick up some Philly Soft Pretzels and then made my way to 95 South. This trip was a lot less straight forward then my last venture to Maryland when I went to Hunt Valley for M.M.20, I pretty much stayed on 95 South for about an Hour and a Half and I was there. But that was not the case with this trip, even though it only took me two hours to get to my destination I had to take so many exits I got lost a couple times. The GPS is party to blame .  . . I swear!
Least I knew better to stop at this House and ask for directions  . . .
Dead ringer for the house in the Texas Chainsaw Remakes? 

Any way I got to the address where everything was talking place a little after 12. There was a car in the driveway but it belonged to Steve's Grams, looked like I was the first on the scene. After calling Jay to make sure I was at the right place (which I was) I did some exploring of the wooded area which was a about 100 or so yards from the house.  Everything was just how it was described to me in the stories ...  The screen, the FirePit, the cheap Halloween props!

Rick a friend of Steve and Jays's was the next to arrive, he help me set up my Tent and was joy to talk with while we waited for the rest of the crew to arrive. Soon after that Steve's wife Kira and Son Logan got there, followed by Jay along with his Pup Starbuck.

Young Logan . . . The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree. 
Busted! A For Effort Kid ;)

 Steve got there around 3 and it was time to set things up and get the fire started!

We had to wait till the Sun went down to start showing the movies, but in the mean time Steve had a pretty good mix of Horror Movie Themes, 80s Rock, and other Spooky Songs Blasting on Surround Sound hooked up all through the woods. Nothing quite compares to hearing some Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me" or "Stigmata Martyr" by Bauhaus while getting loaded in the woods.

By 6ish the sun was going down, there was a good crowd of people there by now, settling in and setting up their Tents . . .

We lit some Jack o' Lanterns and started the first movie of the night soon afterwards . . .

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors! One of my all-time favorite films and one of the films partly responsible for getting me into Horror movies in the first place!
I can't explain how awesome it was to watch this on a huge screen, with a nice size crowd, all while drinking beers in the woods!

I took a break for a little bit before the next movie, and sat near the fire to warm up since it was really starting to get cold out.

The fire was great, but I can't believe nobody brought marshmallows though!
There was Pizza before the next movie! I think I may have gained like 10 pound this weekend from all the slices of pizza and pretzels I ate.

So the next movie of the night was Pieces, this was the one I was responsible for presenting at S.o.t.W. The fact I was asked to pick a movie was an honor and I'm glad my choice went over so well . . .
Steve liked the movie so much he ordered it from Amazon on his Phone half way through the film!

After "Pieces" was "Insidious" but since I was Freezing and just rewatched it a couple weeks ago, I opted to go back and grab a seat at the campfire. The really cool thing about the set up was even though the fire was far aways from the movie screen you could still see everything really good, just couldn't hear the movie as well. Most of the group was also gathered around the fire chatting and doing shots of J├Ąger. There were a lot of inside jokes and stories of the group's past so I did sorta feel left out since I just meet most of these people a few hours prior, but at least their were funny stories, so wouldn't say actually bored or anything.

The next movie was another dvd I brought down with me . . . "Brainscan"

(Signed by Edward Furlong I must add)

At this point It was past Midnight, I watched some of the movie, but also figured it was about a good time to call it a night . . .
I knew if I kept drinking, I'd either puke in K.G.'s tent, wake up with a hangover, or both. Not to mention on top of that  I had and 2.5 hour ride home the next morning!
Before heading to my Tent, I got a couple things out of my car, a pillow and a bottle of Gatorade (my prehangover cure, 60% of the time, it works every time).
I couldn't get over how awesome the stars looked in a sky that wasn't compromised by skyscrapers and streetlights.
I sleep pretty good, well as good as a night of sleep in a tent can provide. The morning air was crisp but so much more fresh then what this city boy is use to.
Everybody else was up and about around 8am, I packed up more my gear (with a little more help from Rick) and I was back on the Road around 9am and already missing my friends new and old.
The good thing is I'll see Jay and Steve at Chiller this Friday in New Jersey :)

All in all I had a blast at my first Season of the Witch . . . Thanks again for having me Guys . . . Next year I think I need to gather the Shit Movie Fest Troops and have a full on Maryland Invasion!

  Have Shit Movie Fest Cooler . . . Will Travel!

-Tom Bryce

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