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Rock and Shock 2011 (Weekend Recap Part 2 of 3)

After finally getting some rest the from previous day (Rock and Shock Part 1), I was woken up even further when I was forced to take a Cold Shower. I struck it up on the EconoLodge just having Shitty plumbing, which wouldn't be so outrageous considering
the Blood stained bed and lipstick marks all over the room, including the bathroom door (talk about a real Knob Job) . . . but I figured out the next day I just wasn't turning the handle the right direction. Anyway now that I was wide awake, I got dressed and ready to head back to the DCU Center with Mike. I'm not much of a breakfast person, a Redbull and a Protein Bar usually does the trick for me in the morning . . . But Mike wanted to get some eats for the day at the "Trader Joe's" we spotted last night on the ride back to the hotel. On the way to Traders, we noticed a  sign for "Wegimans" in the vicinity!
Eatting at Wegimans is kinda becoming a ritual when it comes to Horror Conventions I attend . . . I went to the one in Cherry Hill, NJ with Mike when we were at Monster Mania 19, and visited the one in Maryland with John "Freddy in Space" Squires and Dick Greco when we were attending Monster Mania 20. So we followed the directions new destination and were on the verge of tears when we saw this sign in the parking lot!
Store Closed . . . Opening In Two Days! You've Got to be Fucking Shitting Me. Now I know how the Griswold Family felt when they got to Walley World and the the was park closed for repairs!
Least they had Marty Moose there to help soften the blow. Back to Trader Joe's it was, which really isn't a bad consolation prize . . . but still!
At Joes I got a gallon of Apple Cider and these awesome Halloween Cookies (mostly cause how cool the Box Art was)

We arrived back at the DCU Center where Rock and Shock was taking place about 20 Minutes before the show started. Since i never gotten around to meeting  Robert Englund the day before I figured it would be a good idea to start waiting in line with a few of the other vendors before the public was allowed to also join in. The Show stated at 9am and by 9:15 I was meeting  one of all time favorite Horror Icons  Mr. Fred Krueger himself Robert Englund! Robert always been very high on my list of of celebrities I always wanted to meet and the Man did not disappoint. He told funny stories while everyone was waiting and made everyone feel at ease, I'm usually pretty nervous when I meet some of the bigger stars, but Freddy made me feel super calm and it was seeing an old friend after not seeing them for awhile.
 I had decided to have him sign two things that day, one was the Chris Ott's Amazing "A Nightmare on Elm" Print and the other was a Press Kit Photo from "Dream Warriors" I got off of  Brandt showing the Krueger makeup process.
I got just Robert's name on the Ott print . . .
And got the later personalized with a Dream Warriors related quote . . . "Sorry, kid. I don't believe in Fairy Tales."
When it came time to snap a picture with Mr. Englund, I blinked in the first one, Robert said let's retake cause he wants everyone to leave happy . . . I always consider myself to take Crappy pictures anyway, just not a very photogenic person, But Robert did Freddy's trademark laugh and I lost it lol . . . As you can see I actually smiled in a picture for once . . .

After the ink dried on the posters I headed over to Amanda Wyss' (aka Tina from the first Elm Street)table. I meet Amanda at Chiller last Spring and I since I had a really good experience talking to her the first time around, I didn't mind meeting her again at rock n Shock. Also since I'm trying to get the all the Main Players from the original "Nightmare on Elm" how could I do that without getting "Tina" the first person ever to be killed onscreen by Freddy autograph? Once again Amanda was such a Sweetheart and a joy to talk to. Besides Nightmare we talked some about another Classic she took part in, that being "Better Off Dead", where she played John Cusack's girlfriend Beth. Since people were starting to form lines to also meet Amanda I gathered my things and she agreed to stop by Mike's table to see some of our Elm Street related merchandise. So I now have 2 signatures on the Chris Ott Print! Heather "Nancy" Langenkamp was supposed to be there that weekend but had to canceled, but if all goes according to plan I'll be meeting John Saxon at Horrorhound in Cincinnati next Month!

After being able to check off some of the people I wanted to meet off my list, I made my way back over to Mike's table to lend a hand. Things were already busy for him that morning and unbeknownst to me were going to get a lot crazier since the Insane Clown Posse were playing across the Street and where the ICP goes the Juggalos are sure to follow.
I was going to go off on a rant here about how awful these people are, but that wouldn't be right since it's wrong to generalization a whole group of people based off the 100 or so I meet this pass Saturday . . .
Let me just say this, the ones I meet were constantly trying to steal off us if our backs were turned, smelled like they haven't had a shower since the last time it rained, and  were fucking up the Sinks and Mirrors in the RestRoom while they applied their Sister's makeup . . . I joked with Mike that we should have a had a sign saying "Magnets How Do They Work? Sale" but it wouldn't have mattered any way, they were not there to spend any cash, they were just killing time before their "Heros" Took The Stage.

One person I didn't have to worry about stealing was a woman vending a a table nearby's granddaughter. She was a cute kid and bought some pins off of us to add to her collection . . . Since I had an Alpha Girls( My boys Trov and Zito's Movie) button on my backpack I gave here that also . . .
                                You have a new person out there spreading the word guys :)

Brandt's Father was there for the day helping out so he was able to take some breaks, since we were talking about meeting Roddy Piper at one point over the weekend the night before, we headed there first.
Piper had a good long line, but thing were moving pretty fast. I been a Wrestling fan my whole life and getting to meet the Hot Rod was very surreal. The man was one of the most genuine people
I ever meet. We talked about blonde of all things cause the frame I have the Ott "They Live" Print in was originally home to a Blondie Tour poster that was the same size and I ended up leaving in the frame also.
I kinda wish he didn't sign all over Obama's Face . . . But it's all good, it fucking Roddy Piper for crying out loud!
"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass...and I'm all out of bubblegum ."

Oh and speaking of "They Live" . . .
                     This may be the best Cosplay I ever seen . . . This Guys costume was insane!

Brandt had to get back to man his table, so I walked around some more. I didn't get a chance to really buy anything the first night, so I had some extra cash to buy some movies Saturday.

I made my way to Gregg's table first. I wanted to see what he had in the way of Anthology Horror Films so I can feature them at "Shit Movie Fest Presents: Tales From The Shit". I got "Body Bags", "Tales That Witness Madness", "Uncanny", and "Dead of Night" to fill that void, but also picked up "Rolling Vengeance", "KillDozer", "HellNight" and a movie staring the Barbarian Brothers named "The Barbarians". I been talking to Gregg at these shows for about 3 years now, and it's always a pleasure. I look forward to seeing him on a more frequent basis since I been going to more shows myself also.

After checking out some more tables I found myself back in the signing area, one actor I wanted to meet and worked up the courage to talk to was William Forsythe.
The man has been in so many movies but the role that always stood out to me most was that of "Richie Madano" in the Steven Seagal movie "Out For Justice". My Boss Jason and I quote scenes from the movie everyday at work . . . "Anybody seen Richie? Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?" "Whose hot dog is this, eh?", and "This is your trophy, this is your trophy! Come and get it." are some of my favorites . . .
I wanted to get "You Got The Balls? Now you got The Bread" on an 8x10 for my Boss, but Forsythe told me he ran out of Richie Madaoo photos, so I just got my self something Devil's Rejects Related Signed . . .
                                                                            Fuck Groucho!

I filled in for Mike for about an hour or so after that. Dick stopped by and handed Mike & I a bottle of Sam Adams Pumpkin Beer which was like a reward after dealing with The ICP Fans most of the afternoon. Most of them were finally leaving for the night since their concert was about to begin and things really felt more relaxed after they went on their way. The rest of the night flew by . . .
After the show we headed across the street over to the Pizza Uno and had a couple beers and wings.

Before could leave and head back to the EconoLodge, we had one more Gathering of the Juggalos . . .

Attack of the MethZombies . . . Oh NOOOOOO . . . .
                                           Parking Payment Machines  . . .  How do they work?

Well that's all for Saturday portion of  Rock and Shock . . . I'll recap the Final day of the Event in a couple days.

- Tom Bryce
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