Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rock and Shock 2011 (Weekend Recap Part 1 of 3)

Besides Chiller this upcoming Halloween Weekend, I really had no intentions on visiting any more Horror Conventions for the rest of the Year . . .
But last week when I was hanging with my Good Friend Mike Smash and he talked me into attending Rock and Shock held in Worcester, Massachusetts.
Just like the recent Monster Mania 20 Show in Maryland, I'd be giving Mike a hand at his table and for the first time help him set everything up before the show.

This blog entry will recap some of my experiences from the Rock and Shock Weekend, my Road Trip Adventures with Mike, and Reuniting once again with some of my Horror Family (Dick Greco, Kristy Jett, Brandt McGuire, and Gregg Olheise). Well anyway here goes . . .

Mike and planed on meeting up at his house around 1AM Friday Morning to depart for the New England area. so when I got home from work Thursday I packed my bags, ate some dinner, rewatched the previous nights "American Horror Story", and then took a nape till about 10 pm. A couple hours later I left for Mike's place, his van was already packed up so we left shortly after I arrived.
I don't have a CD player in my car, I use the tape player jack thingy for my Ipod, but since Mike's van had a CD player I figured I'd bring a good selection of Albums with for the RoadTrip . . . .
(Soundtrack for Rock and Shock Roadtrip . . . Empire Records, Bowie, Doors, Metric, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dramarama, The Cure, WolfMother, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper, and Adam Ant . . .)

Only problem . . . there was a cd stuck in the car's stereo already, total bummer :(

When you're on the highway so early in the morning there's an eerie calm about the Road. Save for the Truck Drivers there was really nobody in sight for the first hour of driving. Mike and I had some good conversations on Movies, Music, and Life in General . . . We also came up with some good ideas on the Shit Movie Fest Party we're Co-Hosting November 6th . . .
4 Separate Rooms in his house with each TV playing a different Anthology Horror Movie! (More On This Soon)
Anyway back to the Road . . . Traffic started to pick up right around New York City, also it stared to Rain around that time.
Since there was so many trucks hogging the road, it made it very hard to see the road ahead with all the truck's tires shooting rain water our way. I give Mike a lot of credit driving threw that mess, not so sure I could have handled it.

It was little after 6AM when we got to Worcester. The DCU Center where the event was being held wasn't letting the vendors in until 9am to set up shop, so we had a few hours to kill. We ended up parking in a Starbuck lot so Mike could catch some shuteye. I tried to also but have a hard time sleeping anywhere that isn't a bed, so I just fooled around on my phone a bit before the battery started to died.

When 9 hit we drove into the Event Center, found our table, and started unloading Mike's Mirrors, Ear Rings, and Custom Figures.
Like I said earlier this would be the first show I would help him set up so I figured it would be a good thing to take some pictures to show all the hard work that goes in to this!
^ This is what we started off with at 9 AM
After adding some Grid Wall . . .
A mixture of our supplies and mechandise.
Putting Mirrors up.
Almost there, but still a lot needs to be done . . .

The first surreal moment of the weekend for me was when Bill Moseley 
(Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2/Devils Rejects) came over to us while we were setting up to chitchat with Mike. Bill is nothing like the psychos he plays in the movies (not that expected otherwise), he just a normal friendly guy. A little after that Dick and Kristy arrived. I caught up with them for a bit while Mike found a place to park the Van. Kristy and Dick were there on behalf of Fright Rags Shirts and unveiling the companies "Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon" Shirt at the show. Actor Nathan Baesel who played "Leslie Vernon" would also be there on Saturday and Sunday! 
Oh and I got one of Kristy's Fright Rags business cards, so proud of my Friend :)

I was also happy to see Brandt who I meet last month in Maryland would be set up right around the corner from Mike's table. Brandt is a Cool Dude and it's always good to have people you can get along with near by incase things got slow that day.

Mike and I were pretty much set up around 4pm with about an hour to spare before the crowds started to filter in. The show didn't even start yet and I was already exhausted, it was hard work, but we came up with a really amazing display. Check It Out . . .

After catching my breathe for a bit, then walked around the huge convention center while it was still sorta empty. I had a quick chat with Gregg, but since he was still setting up his movies I didn't want to be in his way.

I took some pics of these cool Pumpkinhead and Jack Torrance displays before they got fenced in from the public . . .

I made my way back back to Mike, we went over some thing with him about prices and decided I would lead off selling so he could do some networking really quick before things got really Busy.
Since our table was right at the front entrance we knew we would be getting a lot of traffic. What we didn't know was weather or not that location would be a good thing.
Sure everyone saw our table as soon as they came in or were waiting in line to meet Robert Englund, but many people are afraid to spend money as soon as they walked in the door, which is understandable . . . But Mike's Products are so One of a Kind we won most of them over!

While Mike was off talking to Barbara Magnolfi of Susupria and the Walking Dead's Addy Miller . . .

Kip Weeks who plays the Masked Killer in the Strangers stopped by to see if we had any Strangers magnets. I know I saw one while we were setting everything up but trying to find it was like trying to locate a needle in a locate a needle in a haystack. Every time I thought I found one it was just 
"Dr. Decker" from Nightbread!

 I told him as soon as I found it I would bring it over to him. I'm not a huge Strangers fan, only gave it a watch cause Dennis Reynolds from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" was in it, but after meeting Kip I am going to give it another watch. He was a really nice guy, and i really wanted to find that magnet for him after talking. I felt like I owed it to him.
The Stranger I was looking for!

Mike and I haven't eaten since the morning, so he called me if I wanted him to get everything form the store to eat before he came back. Did I ever, I was starting to run on empty and was getting very lightheaded. The Cheeseburger he brought back wasn't the best burger I ever had, but I was so hungary by that time it really didn't mater what it tasted like, but all in all it was!
After eating, I filled Mike in on what sold so far and got my first opportunity to walk around the show while it officially open. I brought with me a couple Chris Ott prints with me (one of Nightmare on Elm Street and the other a They Live) to get signed but since the lines to meet Robert Englund and Roddy Piper were crazy long I took the time to checkout some of the other Vendors' Tables.
The first and only thing I bought Friday Night was "More Brains! A Return To The Living Dead"
It was made by Thommy Hutson and the same team behind the awesome "Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy"Documentary.
It also came with a poster signed by a could of the R.O.T.L.D. stars. I haven't got a chance to watch it yet but it should be amazing. Part 3 is one my favorite movies, so I am interested to find out any new info I can about it.

I made my way over to the Fright Rags table and made some tentative plans with Dick, but since he had to pick up Nathan Baesel at the AirPort at 4am and since I was approchting being up for the last 24 Hours, we figured we should try to hang Saturday instead.

The show was close to wrapping up for the first night, I couldn't wait to get to our hotel, check in, and go to bed.

Mike and I closed up shop for the night, took our bags with us went to the car. We were only about 8 Miles up the road so luckily it didn't long to get there.
When we got back to the room Mike started working on or putting the finishing touches on products he was bringing the next day (Seriously sometimes i wonder if he's a Machine!)
I just went to bed, never mind I think somebody may have been murdered on my mattress . . . there was huge blood stain there . . . No Bullshit!
But trust me the blood stained bed is nothing compared to what I had to deal with the next morning . . .
                                                                      Fucking Juggalos!

Well that ends the recap for Friday's portion of  Rock and Shock . . . I'll Have Saturday/Sunday up sometime tomorrow.

-Tom Bryce

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