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Chiller (10/28/2011)

No Halloween Weekend is complete without going to either the Chiller Theatre Expo in Parsippany NJ or attending Exhumed Films' 24 HOUR HORROR-THON at the International House in Philly . . .
This year I'm happy to say I was able to fit both in! I'll get to my recap of the Exhumed show up sometime tomorrow, but this post will deal with my Friday night visit to Chiller.

I was off that morning from work so I ending up leaving Philly around 2 pm, this would be only my second visit to the Chiller con but I remember the Route to get there being a pain in the ass last time around.
Parsippany is pretty close to New York, but you don't spend a whole lot of time on highway, most of the drive is threw the back roads of Princeton, and even with a GPS it gets pretty confusing.

Leaving Philly at the time I did was good cause I able to beat the rush hour traffic, but since I didn't buy the exclusive Preshow Passes online it left me with a lot of time to kill before I could enter the show's happenings or Signing Rooms.
One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other . .
(God I love how random Chiller can be at times)

Since wasn't much else to do i ending chilling at the Hotel's Bar. My Good Friends Jay and Steve (Icon vs. Icon) were making the trip up from Maryland, we planed on meeting before the show for some beers but they didn't fair swell as I did with the traffic situation and were about an hour out from getting there.
One cool thing about Chiller compared to the last few Horror Con I attended was you could  leave the bar area and walk around with you beer, walking around I spotted former WWF Wrestler Virgil or should I say he spotted me cause I had on a Ultimate Warrior shirt underneath a button up shirt I was wearing. He knew I was an old school wrestling nerd and since they had him setup in a hallway and not an actual signing room I was able to talk to him even without having a ticket yet. He didn't remember me from our epic SignaMania meeting last month, but I insisted on showing him the picture so he's could stop trying to to get me to buy something. I think one 8x10 Virgil Picture is enough to get by in life. All all kidding aside Virgil is a nice dude, when you can actually get past his money hustle, he told me a couple good stories about being on the road, working with Jerry Lawler down South before getting the call up and being the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase bodyguard.
Virgil's Table a Chiller

Sadly the Ted was not there that weekend :(

Around this time regular ticket's were finally available to get into the show, I purchased my ticket and meet up with Mike Smash for a bit. I was at Mike's WorkShop the Tuesday before the show, I saw a lot new merchandise that was either completed or in the process of being finished like this Hobo With A Shotgun Figure . . .

 When I got there though he had even more stuff he worked on since then. Dude's a Machine, I'm convinced!

 I also ran into my friend Gregg was at his g.f. Jill's table, didn't really get a chance to talk to him Friday since Chiller was busy right from the gate, but he messaged me a few times during the weekend keeping me up to date with what was happening during the weekend, which was cool.

I didn't pick to much up at the show in way of Movies or toys, but I did managed to find something I long considered to be a "Holy Grail" in terms of my love for Fangoria Magazine . . .
Fangoria Magazine Issue #9 Farmer Vincent Motel Hell Cover!

I also got this Polyester Shower Curtain from Rebecca at the SourPuss Table . . .

And my final purchase  for the night in the Dealer's Room was this for $4 . . .
Rainer Wolfcastle aka McBain!

 Since I was only going to be at the show one night I had to narrow down the list of celebrities I was going to meet to a minimum and also based off who lines were doable on a short time frame.

Frank Vincent and then Heather Matarazzo were at the top of my list. But since Frank didn't end up making the show on Friday Night ,"Dawn Wiener" got bumped to the top spot. "Welcome To Dollhouse" has always held a special place in my heart, and meeting Heather was awesome. This was her first convention and she was so Down to Earth.

I got a DollHouse poster she had her table signed "- To Tom, Would you like to join my Special People Club?"
I will cherish this forever!

I checked out the "Italian Room" and meet one of my favorite Exploitation Genre Actors Giovanni Lombardo Radice.
(House on the Edge of the Park, City of the Living Dead, and Invasion of the Fleshhunters)

House at the Edge of the Park . . . Now signed by Giovanni!

Joel Robinson of Art Pusher was also in the room and I picked up his Zombie Shirt . . .
                   Joel is an amazing Artist, and look forward to seeing him again at HorrorHound in a couple weeks!

Soon after made my way into the Room that was dubbed the The Last American Virgin Reunion Room
If you never seen Virgin add it it to your Netflix queue immediately
It's a great coming of age tale with a killer soundtrack and to this day my favorite ending to movie ever . . . What a downer!
As much as I loved the movie, when I meet the two main stars Lawrence Monoson (Gary) and Diane Franklin (Karen)
I got both of them sign stuff from other movies they were in. "Better Off Dead" for Diane and Friday the 13th 4 for Lawrence . . .

Diane was awesome, I got to wear the coat she wore as French foreign exchange student Monique in Better Off Dead!

                                           And I got her to signed this 8x10 with a line inspired by Better Off Dead . . .
To Tom He put his testacles all over me! Um . . . Tentacle.

Now that I meet both Diane and Amanda Wyss in the past year, I can now say I sorta know what it must have been like to be Lane Meyer and have to choose between these two Beauties!
Better Off Tom!

As for Lawrence I always like his "Dead Fuck" Line directed at Crispin Glover in the "The Final Friday"
So I got "- To Tom . . . Don't Be A Dead Fuck!"

Lawrence Monoson
(Gary in "The Last American Virgin" and Teddy in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter)

I soon got a call from the Icon vs Icon Crew and meet them at the bar, I think I had more fun hanging with those guys then anything the Con had to offer. We talked some about the "Season of the Witch" they hosted last weekend and about us possibly Co-hosting an Event in the Near Future (More Details To Follow once we have it all figured out)
I walked around with them and got a few autographs in the in the process . . .

Richard Kiel ("Jaws" of James Bond fame and in "Mr. Larson" in Happy Gilmore)

"I believe that's Mr. Gilmore's Jacket"

Federico Castelluccio aka "Furio" from The Sopranos

Michael Paré
(Streets of Fire, Eddie and the Cruisers, Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives!)

We Also made a quick stop in the Planet of the Apes Room, I'm going to let these pictures speak for them self . . .

How amazing was that?

Before I left I wanted to meet Elvira and Burt Young but their lines were to long the whole night.  I had to cut my self off drinking since I had a two hour long ride back to Philly awaiting me, so I sobered up some outside in the hotel's courtyard.
While I was out there I ran into Manny from Massgrave Pitures, well he spotted me first and yelled SHIT MOVIE FEST really loudly across the yard which was pretty funny. 

Also Spotted Was This Group of Scary  People . . .
President Myers has a nice ring to it!

Any way It was now about 11pm and the show was closing for the night. It was time to say goodbye to Jay and Steve, and get myself home so I'd be well rested for Exhumed in the morning. Before I left though I ran into one more person and the Ultimate Indicator that the Halloween Season is Sadly Over . . .
Damn Bro couldn't you at least wait to Thanksgiving to make your presence known!

- Tom Bryce

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