Friday, October 28, 2011

31 Of My Favorite Cult & Horror Movie Related Shirts . . . (2 of 2)

Picking back up where I left off . . .  31 of My Favorite Cult and Horror Shirts (Part One)
Here's #31 to #16 from My List:

15. Class of 1984 (Angry Young Poor)
My favorite movie ever made (Well it's tied with VideoDrome and Just One of the Guys) finally got a shirt that fits the punkrock feel of the movie.
The image comes from the B Poster Art and has Roddy McDowall front and center!

14. They Live (Fright Rags)
The Art Style on this shirt rocks and it even has the iconic "BubbleGum" quote on the back.

13: Obey (London 1888)
Speaking of They Live, here's Chris Ott's They Live/Obama Mashup

12: Silent Night, Deadly Night (Fright Rags) (Not in Stock)
Fright Rags is Naughty for not having this in stock! Punish! 

11: Carrie (Fright Rags) (No Longer in stock)
They're All Gonna Laugh at You! They're All Gonna Laugh at You!
And when they do, you close the doors and burn the place down!

10: Phantasm (Fright Rags)
What I like most about this shirt is it reminds me of a cover to a Metal Album. Could you imagine a band fronted by the Tallman with his NonJawa Slaves on Bass and Drums?

9: The Taint (Taint Store)
It's a Skull made of Cocks . . . What more can be said?

8: Burt Gummer (Red Bubble)
Burt is my favorite character in Termors, Burt been hunting Graboids since 1990, everyone else left Perfection, Nevada a long time ago.

7: Poltergeist (Fright Rags)
A Poltergeist shirt without Carol Anne, a TV, or the Creepy Clown toy? Yes and it's Freaking Awesome.

6 Fright Night (Fright Rags) (Sold Out)
I love this shirt, it's made to look like one of those ads you would find in the news paper or tv guide for a local TV Show. I would have watched Peter Vincent Show every week if it was real, but this shirt is the next best thing.

5 Tom Atkins (Fright Rags) (No Longer In Stock)
It's Tom Atkins's Face on a Shirt saying "Trill Me"  . . . What more can you ask for?
Atkins is a God Among Men and also a friend of Shit Movie Fest . . .

4: Freddy "Let's Get High" Shirt (Esty)
I spotted this shirt a couple years ago on Esty and was sold on the BLOODY GUT FONT. Such a great line in Dream Warriors, I still prefer it to "Welcome to Prime Time Bitch"

3: PumkinHead (House of Mysterious Secrest)
There's not much in way of Pumpkinhead merchandise out there, I always felt he's been a very underrated Monster and it's cool the the Artist made such a detailed shirt.
I rock this shirt at least once a month to show my love for Pumkinhead . . .

2: Videodrome (Roten Cotton)
This shirt has only been online for about a month now, but it already get's the second spot on the list cause . . . well look at it! 

Videodrome is my favorite Sci-fi movie ever, I seen it more times then times I watched the Star Wars and Star Trek films put together. Coolest thing it's the first shirt I seen fit to feature both Max Renn and Nicki Brand (The love of my life Deborah Harry) in the art. Usually it's just James Woods, "Long Live The New Flesh" quote, or the gun coming out of the TV . . . But this has all of that plus Deborah Harry!
Also the Colors and Art is Top Notch. Death to Videodrome!

And the #1 spot goes to who else but Fright Rags for their Hobo With A Shotgun Shirt . . .

1: Hobo (Fright Rags)

Not only does this shirt feature our favorite Hobo, but it also has Slick, Ivan, Drake, and the Plague!
When I first heard F.R. was going to do a Hobo shirt I thought it would be based off this Rue-Morge cover  . . .

which would have been fine, but i love the design we ended up getting.
It's gonna be hard to top this shirt but everytime I think that, they put something new out that blows me away . . .
                                                 For example this Hatchet Shirt coming soon!

Well I hope you enjoyed the list, it wasn't easy narrowing it down to just 31 Shirts, there's so many good ideas out there right now, these were just the ones  was aware up.
If you are an artist and want me to feature your shirt on this blog in a future post shoot me a line at

-Tom Bryce

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