Friday, October 28, 2011

31 Of My Favorite Cult & Horror Movie Related Shirts . . . (1 of 2)

Just Time For Halloween, here are 31 of my favorite Horror and Cult Movie Related Shirts.
I didn't tap into "Ript Apperal", "TeeFurry", or "Threadless" for this list since many of the shirts are only available for small window of time.

Sites I did feature shirts from include the following . . . FrightRags, House of Mysterious Secrets, Rotten Cotton, Western Evil,, and a few more.

Anyway here goes . . .

                                                          31.  Silver Bullet (Fright Rags)
I like how this shirt fits a lot of the memorable characters and scenes from the 1985 movie on it without it being to crowded. It's just right

30. Walter Chang's Market  (Wake Up Time To Die!)
Tremors inspired shirt for Perfection, Nevada's Loan Convenience Market!

29. Sleepaway Camp (House of Mysterious Secrets
If you seen Sleepaway Camp before then you know this scene ;)

28: Cugo (Fright Rags)

A simple design that's right to the point, I love the blood covered face of our favorite Rabid Dog.

27: Puppet Master (Fright Rags) (No Longer in Stock)
Great shirt for the Classic Direct to Video Horror Series, Only complaint is Jester and Miss Leach aren't featured.

26: Conal Cochran from Halloween 3 (Horror Shirts)
Rumor has it all all proceeds to go to turning your kid's head into Mush and Spiders!

25: ILSA SHE WOLF OF THE SS SHIRT (House of  Mysterious Secrets)
Great shirt, but very NSFanywhere, I feel bad wearing even when I am alone in my house.

24: Deadly Spawn (Fright Rags) (Not currently in Stock)
I didn't see this movie until about a year ago, if I did I would have bought this shirt when they had it for sale. Do you yourself a favor and hunt down Deadly Spawn!

23: Street Trash (Fright Rags)
Another less known shirt to be given the Fright Rags treatment. A very colorful Shirt, just like the deaths drinking Viper brings ons!

22: They Live . . .  We Sleep (Western Evil)
A very clever They Live/Nguyễn Văn Lém Mashup!

21: Friday the 13th Part 2 (Fright Rags Exclusive)
This was only for sale for one day and I very happy to have gotten my hands on it. I happen to like part 2 better then the first Friday the 13th and this captures Amy Steel perfectly.

20: Thriller (Fright Rags)
Aka "They Call Her One Eye" this movie was a huge inspiration on Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill. I also like how it's a red shirt, I own way to may black tees it's nice to have something of a different color.

19: Any of these ShoNuff (The Last Dragon) Shirts at Redubble . . .
Who's Da Mastah?

18: Death Wish 3 (Rotten Cotten)
The Best "Death Wish" Movie has a shirt almost as cool as Paul Kersey himself!

17: Dusk To Dawn (Fright Rags) (No Longer in Stock)
How Badass is this Shirt? Hopefully they restock this one for the people whom missed out.

16: Christine (Fright Rags)
I bought this shirt for my Dad since he loves Christine and is a Classic Car Fan.

Ok well that Shirts #31 - #16 . . .
Hope you enjoyed the list so far, here's the rest . . .

- Tom Bryce


  1. BIG TOM!
    How did I know he loved that movie?

  2. He owned it VHS before I ever seen it, anytime I seen any Christine related stuff I try to get it for him :)