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Exhumed Films's 24 HOUR HORROR-THON PART V (October 29th - 30th 2011)

For those not familiar with Exhumed Films they are best in the game when it comes to Repertory Cinema. Every Halloween they do a 24 Marathon dubbed "24 HOUR HORROR-THON" and this was their 5th year putting on this Event which has become a major Halloween Tradition for Horror Geeks in the Tri-State Area.

Here' a recap on my Horrorthon experience, and some opinions on the movies that were featured at this years' event . . .

I got home from my visit to Chiller around 1:30 in the morning, I immediately went to bed cause I knew if I wanted to last the whole 24 Hours again like I did last year I'd need eve once of sleep I could muster.
I woke up around 8ish to some surprisely bad weather for this time of year. A mix of Freezing Snow and Rain, it was bad but not as bad as Northern Jersey/New York though.
Doors opened at 11 for the Show, so I left my house a little before 10. After parking my car in the nearby lot, I did a quick run over to 7-Eleven to get some essentials to help me stay up . . .
5-hour ENERGY Shots, Gum, Redbull, Gatorade, SlimJims, and a bad on Combo Pizza Flavored crackers. I was sure I would need more then this to get by that day, but it was a start.

When I got to the I-house the place was already packed, I found my way to the end of the line.

My friend Scott got there soon after I did so I at least had a person to chat with while I waited.
I filled him in some Chiller happenings from the night before. Shortly after we were giving a ballot and list of rules for the event . . .

I sorta like refraining from guessing what's going to play so I don't get myself let down if a certain movie I want to see doesn't make the cut. The description are so vague and Harry always picks some Awesome yet totally obscure stuff it way to difficult to guess about 90% of what these movies could be . . .

I was giving my wristband ticket and soon claimed an seat at the end of an aisle, this way I would have a lot of leg room, which is key when you're sitting in a movie theater for 24+ Hours.
I save a couple seats for my friends Al and John and went back into the lobby to check out the Diabolik DVD table since they would only be set up for the first couple hours of the day.

                                                         Here's what I ended up getting  . . .
"Zombie", "House by the Cemetery", 'Birdemic', and "Frankenhooker' on Blu-ray 
"Demons 2" and "The Losers" on DVD

I got some things out of a box marked "Free Shit"
A Hostel 2 NoteBook and a Baby Bottle for the movie Grace. Kinda cool!

I also caught up with Sean (VHS Preservation Society) he and his brother were at Chiller last night but I missed seeing their table since there was so much going on. He had a 1990s WCW Tape waiting for me at the Show, but they got it to Mike so I'll have it very soon!

Also got to talk to my friend Nick some, I seen him very briefly the night before while I was at Chiller. 
Nick is hosting a screening of "Nightbreed" for his "First Friday Fright Night" Series  . .  .
The show is in Phoenixville, PA at the The Colonial Theatre. For more info check out this link . . .

Around Noon the Exhume crew had some announcements to make and gifts to give away. There was a Grand prize to be giving at the end of the show for the person who could correctly guessed the most movie on the ballot given out in line but these were the pre show door prizes. On each wristband was a set of numbers, I came close to winning a set of tickets to the Hudson HorrorShow since I was on number off. But I would really liked to have won this giveaway . . . A Mondo Dream Warriors poster I missed out on it when it was on their site . . .
I may just break down and pay the premium price on Ebay for this since it one of my favorite movies!
After the rest of the prizes it was time for the first movie of the day!

01. The Death Wheelers aka Psychomania
I have found memories of Psychomania from back in High School, I found it in KMart on VHS for $2.98. I always found the movie to be a laugh riot, but watching it with a crowd made it all the more ridiculousness.
It was a good way to start off the Marathon for sure and got a huge applause at the end.

02. Rodan 
Rodan is by no means a bad movie and I was never bored watching it, but it was nowhere near as fun as the movie that was in the "Giant Monster Movie" spot last year, that being The Mighty Peking Man.

03. Frightmare aka Horror Star
This is the first of many movies I heard of but never actually seen to play at the event (one of my favorite reasons for going). "Conrad Radzoff" is an old past his prime Horror Movie Star who dies put is taking from his final resting place and toyed around with Weekend at Bernie's style! Ferdy Mayne who plays Conrad is so over the top in this I was laughing before he even said anything in most scenes. I recommend if your in the mood for some Chesetastic Horror fun.

04. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
This was listed as the movie to ruin your good time in the program but I stopped really having a issue with this movie like I use too and  kinda consider it to be a well made Arthouse type movie. Don't get me wrong there are points in the film where you want to not look but kinda tame compared to some of the French films to come along as of late. Michael Rooker should have gotten an Oscar Nom for his role here, his performance  is so chilling. 

05. The Dead 
This would be the only new movie to play at the Event and the only one that wasn't from a film print but was showed by a digital projection. I didn't love nor hate this movie, it started off strong but got a little long winded and repetitive towards the end. It didn't really add anything groundbreaking to the Zombie genre, but i did enjoy the look of the zombies' eyes.

06: Trick or Treat
Another movie where the Exhume Crowd enhanced the viewing pleasure!I loved this movie, it was so campy and outdated. 
This film is without a doubt playing at Shit Movie Fest Presents: Rocktober next year!

07: Night Warning
This movie was the Highlight of the night for me and many of the people I spoke to after the show felt the same. The title makes no sense when it comes to the plot but wow just wow please watch this movie . . . It's on Youtube  (HERE)
I don't think I ever been more creeped out or laughed so much at the same time, made me feel really uneasy. Plus Bo Svenson plays one of the Worst Crooked Cops I ever seen in Cinema. What a fucking Prick!

08. Frankenhooker
After watching some of the movie I went to the lobby to chat with some friends, since I bought the movie on Blu-ray earlier in the day from Diabolik. I knew I wouldn't rewatch my copy anytime soon if I stayed for the whole thing in the theatre. Plus it was nice to take a little break and get my second wind going for the rest of the night.

09. Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde aka Decision for Doom
This was an alright Urban spin on the classic Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde tale. It was sorta goofy when people thought/mistaken the Black doctor for a White guy since the makeup was job was shit. But i guess that was the best they could work with at the time. Movie might have better if they just hired a white actor for instead of doing the duel role thing.

10. Legend of the Wolf Woman
This was fun trashy movie from Europe, the lead actress was quite stunning. The plot was played very serious, but since the acting was less then stellar it made for some good laughs.

11. Blood Diner

This movie is classic, I saw it a few times over the years and it gets better with every watch. I might have to pick it up or at least get this Fright Rags Shirt . . .

12. The Burning
One of mu all time favorite Slashers! I can't tell you how happy I was to see an Uncut Uk Print of this. Besides maybe the Prowler and Friday the 13th: 4, this is Tom Savini's best work imo.
I still get a kick overtime I view it and see Jason Alexander when he still had hair!

13. Maximum Overdrive
Never really cared for this movie. Don't get me wrong It has a great cast and decent enough kills, but something is missing and it doesn't really go anywhere after establishing the setup/plot.
Still has a killer Soundtrack though!

14. Meet The Feebles
 I never saw this movie in it's entirety, I remember either Sundance or IFC showing it a lot back in the 90s, but I didn't give it a chance. I since been converted, this was a great choice to end the Horror-thon! It's the Muppets Show on Crack! There's a Frog having Vietnam flashback inspired by the "Deer Hunter", a Rabbit suffering from A.I.D.S, and so much gross shit I couldn't believe what I was watching.

It was a lot easier to to the whole 24 Hours this time around compared to last year cause there was some good picks in morning hours they kept things interesting.
I got home around 12:30 pm and thought I'd want to go to bed right away but ending up staying awake till Dexter since my sleep pattern was all kinds out of waked by this point.
Looking back while I was writing I really realized how awesome of a show this was and would really like to thanks the Exhumed Film Staff for putting on an Amazing Show!

 - Tom Bryce


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