Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Favorite Goofy Dialogue from Horror and Cult Films

Below are 10 scenes with the oddest, strangest and downright goofiest dialogue you will ever hear. These scenes never get old!                                              


010: "Who The Hell Was That?"  from the movie Cruising 

009: Just about anything said in the movie Toxic Avenger
                                                           Frank: Just let me introduce you to Bend
                                                           Sarah: Bend Who?
                                                           Frank: Bend Over!

008: The "Shoplifting Scene" in Street Trash

007: "I'm here to chew bubblegum..." They Live

006: Vampire's Kiss - Misfiling & the ABC's

005: Shark Attack 3's "What do you say I take you home and eat your pussy?

004: Nightmare on Elm 3: Dream Warrior's "It's a Door" . . . No Shit, Sherlock!

003: Anything spoken by Tom Atkins(aka God) in Night of the Creeps

002:  "BAAAAAAAAASTARD!!!!!!!!!!" from Pieces

001: "Go Fuck An Iceberg!" as said by John Vernon in Savage Streets

Well, we hope you enjoyed the list.

The SMF Crew

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  1. I've watched that Pieces clip about 10 times since I reposted this list. It is pure bliss. "Baaaastards!"