Sunday, September 4, 2011

Some more Repertory Film Goodness . . .

Figured I'd do quick follow up on my posting about Repertory Films, since I went and caught two separate shows over the weekend.

The first one I attended was at Colonial Theatre and it was 35mm Print of "Pieces".

If you aren't familiar with the 1982 Slasher Film, I recommend you adding it to your Netflix queue, get some buddies together, and be prepared to laugh your ass off!
 Nick Lombardo (one of the guys running the "First Friday Fright Nights") did a show  of hands asking who here has seen Pieces before and it was 50/50. I was there with my friend Mike Smash and even though we both seen this film multiple times, this was the first time for either of us seeing it with a large audience. The audience made all the difference in the world. Scenes that might have gotten little or no reaction while viewing alone instantly became hilarious. Even though this is still a pretty Gory Horror film, the Effects are so Over The Top and and the Acting is so awful, you'll often wonder how this wasn't labeled a comedy
This video is some of the shit you'll witness . . . Spoilers Warning!

The Second Repertory Show I went to this weekend was Exhumed Films Presents: A Double Dose of Cannibal Carnage!
The Double Feature that night was "Jungle Holocaust" and "Raw Meat"

I got to the I-House about an hour early, I thought the show started at 7:30, but it wasn't to 8pm
I killed some time sitting on a couch waiting for the Diabolik Dvd Table to get set up and that's when I heard this conversation from two foreign students who live at the I-House.

F.S.1: Hi you, what did you do today?
F.S.2: I went to the Yuish American Museum.
F.S.1: Who are Yuish People, where are they from?
F.S.2: They are kind of like the Muslims and they are from Israel. Have you heard of them?
F.S.1: Oh you mean the Jewish People! Yes everyone knows who they are.
"That's gold, Jerry!"

Shortly after all that, the dvds were out. I spotted Nick from last night and told him how much I enjoyed the show, I tried to limit my self from just buying one dvd from the table and succeed at first when i got the Nesting on Blu-ray. Later in the night before Diabolik packed up, I picked up "Troll Hunter" on Blu and "Invitation To Hell", and I also grabbed "The Angry Guest" and "The Chinese Boxer" out of a box marked "Free. Please Take!"

Now on to the movies . . . Full Disclosure here, I never been a big fan of the "Cannibal Films Genre" but I wanted to view "Raw Meat" cause I liked a few movies it's director Gary Sherman has been involved with and it stars Donald Pleasence. Since Raw Meat was the second film that night, so I was going to have to sit threw Jungle Holocaust first to get there.
I got to admit this wasn't really that bad as i thought it would be and I actually kinda enjoyed it. The scenes with the cannibals skinning animals made me feel horrible for those creatures, but later there is a part in the movie where a pregnant lady gives birth and then uses her newborn as bait to capture a crocodile for her tribe
 . . . That got a laugh out of me and most of the crowd. SICK lol
After the movie and before "Raw Meat" we were treated to some trailers (one of my favorite things about Exhumed Shows)
All the trailers that night had to do with movies about Flesh Eating . . . We got Tender Flesh, Survival, Dawn of the Dead, Dead Alive, and of course The Texas Chain Saw Massacre!

Raw Meat started playing around 10:30 give or take. It could be because I was getting tired, but I just wasn't feeling this movie.  Pleasence was his goofy self and the city of London City made a nice contrast to the other movie's Jungle setting, but unlike Jungle were there was many cannibals, the ones in Raw Meat weren't featured as much and instead we got more of a police investigation of the killing that were talking place (mostly in the dark I must add)
I seen a good amount of people leave for the night as this movie was on, it wasn't because it was repulsive, it was just very boring. I too left about half way in, not something I am proud of, but it was either that or possibly getting kicked out of the I-House for snoring.
It's funny how the movie I didn't care about seeing I enjoyed and I would rematch again, as for Raw Meat only if i had trouble sleeping at night I'd consider putting it on.

Any way I'm looking forward to the next First Friday which will be "An American WereWolf in London" on October 7th and of courseExhumed Films 5th Annual 24 Hour Horrorthon! Exhumed is promising 14 Films they have never screened before. If you check out this (list) I know I am in for a lot of film rarities and most of all a lot of Fun!

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