Friday, September 23, 2011

PA/NJ Horror Club Meeting (9/22/2011)

Last night I attended my first PA/NJ Horror Club meeting. Just like the PA/NJ Horror Facebook Group, the meeting was put together by Rob Dimension along with his Wife Kim.
                                                 Rob and I at Capes and Cowls Collectibles

Since I only became aware of the group about a month ago I wasn't sure what what to expect . . .
But Rob and Kim do a great job at making everyone feel at home and It's a great way to interact with fellow Horror Movie Fans while watching an Independent Feature Films. Last night's film was Sylvia and Jen Soska's "Dead Hooker in a Trunk" and it was screen for us at Capes and Cowls Collectibles.

Dead Hooker is so much more than a catchy title, both written and directed by the The Soska Sisters it pushes a lot of buttons when it comes to Violence and all around craziness that made even me turn away at certain points in the movie.  Right now the it is looking for an American Distribution, but is available for purchase on's U.K. Site.

Before and after the movie we had some lengthy conversations with topics ranging from "What movie made you a Horror Fan" , "Pro and Cons of Indy Horror", and "What were some movies you didn't like the first time you watched it, but after a second or third viewing you changed your opinion on."  Also Rob talked some about the Q&As he hosted last weekend at Monster Mania 20.

Here's some other cool shit that went down at the meeting  . . .
There was a table set up for VHS/DVD Trading

Rob gave out some giveaways, I won a Poltergeist Keychain, which was fitting since I wearing my New FrightRags Poltergeist Tee.

Speaking of Shirts, almost everyone there was rocking some cool horror gear. This "Krueger Realty" Shirt really stood out and was my favorite of the night.

Ken Haeser, artist of "The Living Corpse" was on hand to draw Zombified versions of everyone who came to the meeting. Here's how mine turned out . . .

Well as you could imagine all of this was a lot of Fun. Big thanks to the Dimensions for running this event, the people who came out from the Facebook Group, it's always nice to meet people whom you talk to online in real life! Also props to the staff of Capes and Cowls Collectibles, who I had a good conversation about Comics and Old School Wrestling with after the movie was finished. I can't wait to make it out to one of these again, thanks again Rob for inviting me out.

-Tom Bryce

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