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Monster Mania 20 Weekend Recap (Days 2&3)

Day 2 (September 17, 2011)

I woke up around 8am Saturday Morning, after grabbing a shower and posting on Facebook some I headed down to the main floor.
Mike needed some time to talk with Tony Todd about the Candy Man Mirrors he made for him to sell, so I filled in again at Mike's table most of the morning.

After Mike came back I headed over to see my friends from the VHS Preservation Society.
I pretty much wiped out Sean the last few shows when it came to the Old School Wrestling DVDs, so these two with Hogan completes the whole set he carries. I was able to grab a movie I been looking for and wanted to add to the the SMF:Rocktober Event named "Get Crazy". Also I got something called "Mutant Hunt" I couldn't pass up based off that cover.

Besides an order of Fries from the night before, I decided maybe it would be good idea to actually get something to eat in the hotel's restaurant (especially since I planed on Drinking some later that night.) When I got there I saw Freddy and Jason chilling and drinking beer . . . stuff like this never gets old to me lol

Since I was in Maryland I figured I'd try to the CrabCakes, they did not disappoint. The fact I was eating CrabCakes and watching some College Football game on the TV this scene from Wedding Crashers pop in my head.

After eating I stop over to see my friend Gregg's DVD Table. This time around he had huge new setup, and not a table like he has had at passed shows . . .

Talking to Gregg is always a pleasure, he has a wicked sense of humor and is very knowledgeable about the movies he carries. Most of them I never heard of, but based off his recommendations I give them a shot and usually end up loving them.
The Dude never steers you wrong, instead of making a quick buck he tell what's good and what's bad based off you tastes in movies. I got  Massacre at Central High(which I been trying to find for ages), Three Tough Guys (staring Isaac Hayes and Fred Williamson!) and a Gator Bait 1&2.

Since my Man-Purse was filled with movies from Gregg and Sean I mad a pitstop back in my hotel room, I ended up resting some in the room  before i heading back down stairs.
I texted the guys from icon vs. icon to see if they would still be making the show, but something came up. It suck cause I really looked forward to seeing them . . . (Season of the Witch fellas, I'll be there)
Anfter resting I ran into John S. again, we talked about the weekend so far, he gave me his number and said we'd hang later tonight.
I checked in with Mike and he was excited he sold his "Uncle Frank" Hellraiser figure and also the Zombie vs. Shark Figure, I told him I would fill on for him shortly, but first I was going to walk over to Clare Higgins and Barbara Crampton tables with Brandt. He knows as well as I do it's hard to get good pictures at these things, cause the jackass you trust to take them always fucks it up somehow (See my John Carpenter pic for reference). After getting the pics with Brandt I was back to selling, but I also managed to get some movies off of him while we were sitting there shooting the shit  . . .
 555, Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout, Death Warmed Over, Hack-O-Latern, Watchers, and Stepfather 3.

Some very soild pick ups if I must say. The Linnea Quigley one is a complete trainwreck . . .
Here's the Summary on the Back: "After a nice shower, Linnea does some warm-up stretches and then goes for a run. She encounters some flabby zombies who follow her back to the house, where she leads them in some poolside aerobic routines. Later she unwinds by inviting some girlfriends over for a slumber party and some exercise. When something goes bump in the house, her friends begin experiencing an attrition problem."

The Vending and autograph Signing Rooms were close to closing for the night, so some of the actors were walking around checking out the tables. One such actor was Ernie Hudson . . .
I always been a big GhostBusters fan, and even more so a fan of "Leo Glynn" Ernie's role on HBO Series Oz . . . I asked if he minded grabbing photo with me and he was more then happy to do so . . . Cool Beans!
Who you Gonna Call?

The show was ending for the night, but the true fun and highlight of the weekend for me was about to begin . . . Drinking With Everyone at the Hotel!

Mike was heading out to go eat dinner somewhere with Tony Todd, Jeffrey "Re-Animator" Combs, and a few of their friends. I was invited to come along but I wanted to chill by myself for a bit, grab a shower then maybe stop down at the bar. I got a text from John S. to come hang out in his room, there was a promise of Pumpkin Beer . . . My Favorite! We hung there for a while, then made suicidal trip across the highway to Wegmans for some grub. Wegmans has just about every type of food you can think of, but save for Dick we all ended up getting chinese food for some reason.
After eating we headed back to the hotel room and got very lit. We talked about everything from 90s Wrestling Toys and how Chris's son is getting into wrestling now, Jeff was doing his best Last Call with Scott Hall impression, and we had a lengthy conversation about Scarlett Johansson's Naked Ass Pics that leaked online a few days ago. We went down to the bar to see what the scene was like but ending staying in the hallway serenading a Wedding Party with David Bowie songs (This went for like an hour no lie!) We had to go back to the room to get more beer, then we finally made it to the bar. Everyone there seamed to be enjoying them selfs but it was to packed to get in the actual bar area. We were chilling in the lobby section but then got harassed by this hotel manger about drinking outside beers, I must say she did redeem herself when she handed out plastic cups for us to put them . . .
Many pictures we taken, songs were sang, then we headed back up to John's room for a one more beer, then I left to go back to my room. Special Thanks to John and Jen for inviting out with the group, I had a much better time then if I did anything else that night.
                                                Some of The Saturday Night Drinking Crew . . .
Kristy Jett and I(wearing Dick's glasses)
Weezer should write a song about me . . . Woo-ee-oo, Tom looks just like Buddy Holly . . .
John of my favorite Horror Blog "Freddy In Space"
John, Jen, Kristy, and I . . .

Day 3 (September 18, 2011)

Some how I woke up the next day without a hangover, I got out of bed around 9. Mike and I shared some stories from the night before, then got our stuff ready so we could check out and not have to deal with it later.

I went to over to Zach Galligan's table with Brandt. Brandt is a big time Gremlins fans so he got a lot of old Press Kits to get signed and I ended up getting one of those Pop! Movies: Vinyl Figure of Stripe signed. 

Sunday turned out to be a very slow crowd day and a lot of vendors ended up breaking down and packing up  early to get home. I did a final lap around the tables and picked up some crazy stuff . . .

Serial Killer/True Crime Comic Books featuring Dahmer, Aileen Wuornos, and David Koresh 
A Halloween 3:Season of the Witch novel from the 80s
Some Stands from Knee High Horror (
Lisa who had a table next to Mike was selling these fake Parking Permits, for Halloween, Elm Street, Etc.
I also got a Freddy sticker from Lisa for my MoleSkin Notebook . . .

A Silver Shamrock Novelties Magnet from

After those pickups, I said my goodbyes to John, Jen, Dick, Chris Tanski, Kristy Jett, Dallas, Curt, and Sean VSHPS. The hardest part of these weekends is saying the goodbyes. We all had so much fun together the last few days, but more then likely won't get to all hangout again for a few months or maybe not until next year at the latest.

Mike also decided to call it a day early, so we broke everything down, but before we loaded it into the Van we meet with Tony and he signed this Mirror for me . . .

 Mike was meeting some friends for food after the show, but I was pretty beat by the end of that day, so I declined the invite and hit 95 North to get back in my own bed and maybe catch some of the Eagles before falling asleep  . . .

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a very memorial weekend for me, you guys all rock, and I can't wait to do it again. March 9th can't come fast enough . . .

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