Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You Don't Have To Go To Texas For Some Repertory Cinema!

Even though The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas is give or take about 1700 miles from where I live in Philly, I still can't help myself from checking out the Movie Listings off their Website each week. I'm not checking the site to see what new movies they haveplaying, they are the same films every Theatre across the Country also has, I reason I visit the Alamo site is to see what Old Movies they are showcasing that particular  week . . .

You see The Alamo specializes in Repertory Cinema (as opposed to newer first run films) and because of that you're able to catch one of your all time favorite movies on the Big Scene again or for the first time, see a Cult Classic with a group of friends and fans who also share the same Love you have for that particular film, or you may even get to see a movie that's so rare it has never received  a VHS or DVD release and it's only getting showed because someone a 35mm Print stored away somewhere.

Now as much as I would to go down there and check this all out, I just don't see myself making it to Texas to witness Terror Tuesday or Weird Wednesday firsthand anytime soon. (But that still probability more likely to happen sooner then winning a Poster off the Mondo Site! Yikes that's almost Impossible as many us sadly know. . .)

Lucky for me and anyone else living in the Delaware Valley area, there are also some really good options around here if you want to partake in some Repertory Cinema.

The most notable one in Philadelphia is Exhumed Films. Exhumed was founded by Four Friends (Dan, Joseph, Harry, and Jesse Nelson) in 1997. They started off in New Jersey, doing double features of NonMainstream Horror and Exploitation Films. As their reputation grew for putting on a great show, the larger the crowds would get, early on they even managed to get Bruce Campbell to come out for a screening of Evil Dead 2!(I wish I could I say I was there) I along with My Best friend Chris (the other half of ShitMovieFest) became aware of these guys and their awesomeness back when we first meet in HighSchool, but since we were two dorks without drivers licenses or a even a car for that matter! We didn't catch any of their shows until they made the move to the International House in Philadelphia's University City in 2005.

Since making the move the I-House, Exhumed has become more event oriented in the recent years. While they still do the Awesome Double and TRIPLE FEATURE every few months, their annual 24-Hour Horrorthon that takes place every Halloween Weekend has become SuperBowl or WrestlMania so to say. I attended last year's show, I only planned to stay for the first 3 or 4 films then going on with my day, but I ended up staying for the whole event and I was ever so happy I did!

It's no secret Exhumed Films has been a huge inspiration on ShitMovieFest! Chris and I been doing Horror Movie Marathons at each others houses for close to 15 years now, but they really helped me up my game . . . between the movies I caught at their screenings or checking out other films that Joe and Jesse recommend me from the Diabolik Table I am way more knowledgeable in the World of Horror and Cult Cinema!

The Trocadero Theatre has been running their Midnight Movies events for awhile now in ChinaTown and sometimes the Ritz gets in on the fun by showing 80s Classics such as GhostBusters and Pee-wee's Big Adventure, but one Revival house's who's events have recently caught my eye is the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixvill, Pennsylvania.

The Colonial if you didn't know is the very movie theatre featured in 1958 Sci-fi Classic The Blob! Every July the Colonial and the Town of Phoenixville host a Blobfest to honor the Steve McQueen film! There is a Street fair, a parade of old 1950s cars, a reenactment of of the famous "Blob chasing people out of the Movie theatre" scene, and multiple showings of the film itself. Another event that's been taking place at the Colonial every month that I enjoy is the "First Friday Fright Night" . . . I caught a 35mm print of  "Maniac" last May with it's director William Lustig in attendance doing a Q&A session after the movie! I always been a huge fan of Bill, his Movies and his company Blue UnderGround so it was all very surreal when I got to meet Bill after the show, and even more so when he signed a poster of Maniac I won that night.

If your Town or City has events such as these go out and support them, it's a rare treat to see some of these Classics the Way they were meant to be seen. I wasn't alive to witness Grindhouse Heaven aka New York's 42nd Street, but thanks to these show we can all great a taste of what it might have been like!

Upcoming First Friday Fright Nigh events at the Colonial include Pieces (9/2), An American Werewolf in London (10/7), Nightbreed (11/4), and Silent Night, Deadly Night (12/2)

Upcoming Exhumed Films events includes A Double Dose of Cannibal Carnage on (9/3) at the I-House and Starcrash&Yor at Audubon Auction House (91/16)

-Tom Bryce

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