Thursday, October 1, 2015

Remembering “If It Were Stine”!

With the “Goosebumps” movie hitting theaters in a couple weeks, I thought it was a good time to revisit in my opinion one of the coolest projects that hit the Horror Community in the past few years!
It was called “If It Were Stine” and the idea was to take pre-existing Classic Horror Movies and reimagined them as books that would have been written by R.L. Stine!

The Artist was Theodore Holmstead-Scott and together with Jude Deluca (whom would do the all the blurbs) would create mock covers in the classic “Goosebumps” style fans around the world fondly remember from their youth! What I loved most about these “Books” were the  names they gave each movies, for example instead of just calling it “A Nightmare on Elm Street” they opt for the very Stine-like title “The Man of My Dreams” . . .

Below you will some of my favorites “If It Were Stine” covers that were created by these very talented artists . . .

SMF's ShartOuts: The October Country

(Banner art via Jason Price of

Here’s a Fresh Edition of “SMF Shartouts” to ring in the Greatest Month of the Year . . . October! I been waiting patiently for this month to finally get here since I got so many fun thing lined up all Month long! In fact this very weekend I am heading down to Maryland hang out with my friends (Katherine, Jeff, and Jason) and attend Monster Mania 32!

As you can see from the picture above the line up for this show is stacked! I plan on meeting Matthew Lillard, Nick Castle, and Tom Atkins once again! Be sure to follow my (Instagram Page) to see all the pictures I take at the Convention!

Enter to Win a Custom “Halloween 4 & 5” Poster from artist Chris Garofalo (of Quiltface Studios)

On Friday October 9th the Legendary Colonial Theatre in  Phoenixville, PA is hosting a Special 35mm Double Feature of Halloween 4 & 5! (Show Info)

The spectacular poster you see above is from my good friend Chris Garofalo (of Quiltface Studios) and will be available for purchase in the Theater’s lobby on the night of the Event! Since I know not everyone reading this will be able to make it out to the Theater on the 9th so I put this contest together for some lucky winner to still bring  “The Shape” to their home or office! To Enter Just Answer the Question below in the Comments Section and follow the Simple Contest Rules As Well:

First I ask for you to please LIKE the Quiltface Studios FaceBook Page which can be found right (HERE)
After doing that please come back to this Contest Page and in the comment section please share what you favorite scenes are for both of these movies!

My favorite scene in Halloween 4 is Michael’s confrontation with “Bucky”!
In Halloween 5 my favorite part in Myers floating down the river at the beginning of the movie!

The Deadline of  this giveaway is Midnight October 31st!
All entries will be given a Number and a Winner will be picked out using the Quick Random Number Generator App on my phone, so best of Luck and Enjoy The Halloween Season!

* For a Bonus Chance to Enter simply Re-tweet this tweet over at  that's dated 9/30 (9:09 PM) *

- Tom
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(Me with George P. Wilbur - Halloween 4's The Shape)

A little Halloween Edition of Thursday Throwback!

To kick off the Halloween Season here’s two pictures yours truly from the early 80s!

The picture of me on the left was taken in 1985 when I went as a Black Cat!
I couldn’t find any pics from when I was one or two, so I don’t what (if anything) I went out as those particular years, but I do sorta remember rocking this Cat costume for some reason!

The picture on the right (with me trowing down some throwing down some gangster signs for some reason) was taken outside my old neighbor Jack’s house! I have very fond memories of this Pumpkin Man when I was a kid and he was in many ways the the Neighborhood’s unofficial herald of the Halloween Season! When he would appear at the start of each October the rest of the houses on the street would take note and start putting out their decorations as well!

- Tom
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Friday, September 25, 2015

Check out what Horror Movies are in stock this Halloween Season at BestBuy & Wal-mart!

When I first started building a Movie Library of DVDs in the late 90s/early 2000 I could always count on stores such as BestBuy and Circuit City (God I miss that Place!) to have rows upon rows of Horror offerings for sale in their stores! I'd often go to the ones in Delaware (to save on Store Tax) and for about a hundred dollars walk out with at least 15 new movies  to add to the collection! 

Some Awesome Stuff I found back in the day in the Wild!

But sadly those days are long in the past as it seems like Bestbuy cares less and less about physical media as the years go on!  Here's a shot of what a typical Horror Section looks like now a days . . .

By no means horrible, but it is lacking somewhat! 

But there is always hope cause every fall to celebrate Halloween they do up their game to the max as you will see below! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Pay to get in. PRAY to get out! (A Huge Gallery of Fun Houses, Haunted Houses, and Dark Rides!)

As mentioned by me before, some of my fondest memories as a kid was spending my entire Summers in Wildwood, New Jersey! Walking the nearly two mile long boardwalk day and night would never get old to me . . . the food (Sam's Pizza and Curley's Fries on the reg), the prize wheel games and arcade games ("Gateway 26" collected many of my quarters!), and of course the rides . . . oh those fantastic rides! Now truth be told I've never been one for roller coaster or galvatron type rides . . . remember that chewing tobacco scene from "The Sandlot"? Well that was usually the end result any time I got brave enough to put my body into the hands of zero gravity. But one type of ride I always was able to handle and would flock to on a daily basis were the numerous "Dark Rides" that each of the 4 main Piers featured! Off hand (keep in mind I'm talking about the Mid 80s to the Early 90s here) I remember Morey's Piers having Dante's Inferno and a huge Ghostly Pirate Ship that was more of a Walk through attraction then a ride; Hunts' Pier had "The Golden Nugget", "The Whacky Shack", and a "Keystone Cops" rides; Mariner's Landing I believe had a Jungle Cruise that featured Cannibals; and the Nickels Midway Pier featured the infamous Castle Dracula (aka Dracula's Castle)

Credit: Dark in the Park 

A lot of pictures and info of all the rides I mentioned above can be found at two of my favorite sites on the web, that being Dark in the Park and Fun Chase, but today I'm here to share some pics from a new favorite I just became aware of, it's called Enchanted Kiddieland and is ran by a good good friend of mine name Missy Mazzaferro!

I became aware of Missy mutual love of Dark Rides when she posted the pics you are about to see below on her Facebook timeline a couple weeks back! I was in awe of the gaudy airbrushed monsters and the total disregard for copyright infringement that these rides that Missy has visited over the years all over the United States! 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Enter to Win a Groovy Poster signed by Bruce Campbell!

Hey everyone I'm back with another poster giveaway, this time around I'm teaming up with Josh Goldbloom of The Awesome Fest to give you a chance to win a custom poster from signed by the one and only Bruce Campbell! 

The poster you see above was for the first annual "Bruce Campbell's Horror Film Festival" that was held last year at Wizard World Chicago! To help spread the word for the 2nd Edition of this Event (now dubbed "The Groovy Fest")  Josh has donated a event poster singed by "The Chin" himself for this latest SMF Giveaway!

So Here's All You Have All You Have To Do Enter . . .

First I ask for you to please give The Awesome Fest's Facebook Page (HERE) & also the official "Bruce Campbell Horror Fest" page (HERE) some Sugar by liking their pages! After doing that come back to this Contest Page and Answer In THE Blog's Comments Section Below What Your Favorite Scene in "The Evil Dead" Series is!

That's All There Is To It!

The Deadline for this Give-A-Way is Midnight August 31st! So have your entry in by then and please also include your Email Address or How to Contact You in your Comment, that way I can reach you if are the Winner!  All entries will be given a Number and a Winner will be picked out using the Quick Random Number Generator on my phone, so best of luck and thanks playing!

For A Bonus Chance to Win Re-tweet this Tweet Dated July 31st (5:23 AM) 

- Tom