Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Spotlight on FUNKO's "Horror Classics" Vinyl Figures!

Doing a spotlight this evening on FUNKO's Horror Classics "Mystery Minis" Figures! Released in 2013, these vinyl toys are cutesty versions of some of Horror's biggest and best know Icons!
Thanks to the kindness of "Chris Tank" and some sellers on Ebay I finally got myself a complete set! 

When you buy a box you are in the dark of figure you are going to get, hence the name "Blind Box"! The box in the middle shows what figures are up for grabs and the rarity of each one. The rarer one is the set are often referred to as "Chase Figures"!   

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In Wisconsin, No One Can Hear You Scream: Ed Gein, and the Horrors of Rural America

Arrested in 1958, Ed Gein fast became the poster boy for depravity and sexual deviation. The ultimate mother's boy gone wrong, Gein's farmhouse of horrors introduced his small Wisconsin hometown and the country to the sinister world of a man society had written off as a loner, a quiet man, and a devoted son. 

Littering Gein's farmhouse were the remains of a myriad of body parts from the corpses whose graves Gein had robbed. Skulls become bowls for soup, human skin became macabre lampshades and upholstery, and pieces of intact hides were used by Gein to play dress-up. The centerpiece of Gein's den of ghoulishness was the decapitated body of one of his two murder victims strung up, and dressed out in the same manner of a deer.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A collection of Art from Cult Movie Artist "Zamuvi"!

Sharing some art tonight from "Zamuvi", one of my favorite artist that I follow on both Facebook and Instagram.
Zamuvi is an artist who specializes in art based off of Cult Movies but with his own unique spin. Below you find some of my favorite works of his, but be sure to check out the links I shared cause there is so much more!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A look at my "Gremlins" collection . . .

Since I started going regularly to Horror Cons over the past 5 years there been a few movies that I always look for merch to bring home for each Convention I attend. As most of you are already aware I'm a huge Creature from the Black Lagoon/Gill-man fan (if not see my Creature Corner!)
With the popularity of the Universal Monsters higher then ever there's always a good chance I'll find something Creature related in my travels to add my Corner! Another franchise I been building somewhat of a collection up over the years is stuff from "Gremlins" and "Gremlins 2: The New Batch"! Below are something I've owned since childhood and also so new items that have popped up over the years!!!

A few years ago at a Monster Mania con in Maryland I was fortunate enough to meet Zach Galligan aka Billy Peltzer"! Zach was one of the nicest guest I have met at a Horror Con to date and was fun to talk to about both the Gremlins movies and the very underrated "Wazwork"! 

I did have the "Pop Movies" Gizmo at the time so I had him sign the Stripe figure I did have . . .

Last fall at the Chiller Theater con in N.J., my friend Tiff and I ran into Zach during the free concert at the end of the night, we started talking to him and he ended up hanging and drinking with us the rest of the show! 

Below are some of my favorite items in my Gremlins collection, they are the PVC toys that were released for both movies!

Monday, July 21, 2014

My first trip to Philly's "Bizarre Bazaar"!

Outside the Bizarre Bazaar!
720 South 5th Street (Philly, Pa)
 (Check them out on FacebookInstagram)

Today during my lunch break I headed down to South Street to check out a place I been wanting to check out the "Bizarre Bazaar" for the first time! The best way to describe this place is it's part vintage toy store and part Captain Spaulding's "Museum of Monsters & Madmen"!
Below are some pictures of Awesome Shit I spotted in the store that the owner "Prof. Ouch" was nice enough to let me take . . .

You know you entered an amazing place when they got a La Parka "LWO" sticker on their door!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Japanese Movie Program for "Class of 1984"!!!

A week a ago I was searching on Ebay and came across something I never knew existed but needed to own immediately! it was a movie program from Japan for my all-time favorite film "Class of 1984"!

(Front Cover of the Program)

Besides the front and back cover, I wasn't able to scan the whole book (cause I didn't want to bend the pages to fit on my scanner), but I did take pics of all 21 pages that you can checkout below!
The quality of this book is amazing and features so many cool pics from the movie!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Blood Slaughter Massacre​" coming to DVD in Fall 2014 from Wild Eye Releasing!

(New York – May 20th, 2014) Today on the Horror Happens Radio show (, Manny Serrano, co-owner of Mass Grave Pictures, announced that they have signed a distribution deal for their first feature film “Blood Slaughter Massacre,” with Wild Eye Releasing. The distribution deal includes DVD, VOD, and an eventual VHS release of the indie slasher film.
The DVD will boast many special features including:
-A feature length commentary with Manny Serrano (Director/Writer/Editor), Lindsay Serrano (Producer/A.D./Head of SFX) and Louie Cortes (Writer/Cinematography).
-Over 12 minutes of deleted/extended scenes
-A VHS rip of the BSM promo tape, containing the three faux-trailers the film is based upon
-“Demons of the Night” Music Video by Midnight Flashback, with footage from the film
-A behind-the-scenes featurette
-The Ripper Action Figure Toy Commercial, starring Johnny Dickie (Slaughter Tales) and more!
-New original cover art created by horror artist Joel Robinson (

While there is no official street date set yet, Wild Eye Releasing is expecting the film to hit stores in the fall of 2014. Having received positive reviews from Horrorhound, Rue Morgue, Horror Society, Rogue Cinema, and many more, Mass Grave Pictures is looking forward to the film being received well by the fans as well.
“We created a horror film for horror fans, but we also wanted to make something that non-horror fans could enjoy as well.” says Director Manny Serrano, “While it is intended for an adult audience, we tried to make a film which lives up to some of the horror films of the 80’s that we all watched as kids back then. Hopefully we’ve succeeded.”
“Blood Slaughter Massacre” can be seen Saturday, May 24th at Enigma Bookstore (33-17 Crescent Street, Astoria, Queens, NY) as part of “A Day of Horror and Sci-Fi.”  It will screen along with Mass Grave Pictures’ short film “The Attack of the Brain People,” as well as numerous other shorts including Mark Boutros’ “The Collectors,” Patrick Devaney’s “Aemorraghe,” Thomas Ryans’ “Day 9,” and Rob Dimensions’ “Baggage.” Doors open at 12:30pm, $10 entry gets you access to all the films, as well as a live performance by The Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues, and showcases by comic artists Sara Woolley and Christa Cassano, who will both be on-hand, signing their books.